Archive Editor

Editor Toolbar

Open Archive - Click this button to select/load an archive to br edited.

Extract Files - Use this to extract files from the archive.

Add Files - Use this to search for files to add to the archive you are editing.

Settings - Use this to change the settings for file archiving.

Save Changes - Click this button to save/implement the changes that you have made.

Save and Exit- Click this button to save/implement the changes that you have made. And then exit the archive editor.

Editor Controls

Save Folder Location(s) - Use this to save the locations of the files along with the files. This is helpful when the files are extracted, to get the files extracted in the intended locations.

Protect with Password - This option will encode a password with the archive.  This gives you some security because to extract the files from the archive, a password will be required.

Remove Files - To remove files, select the files you wish to remove by clicking on them.  Then click on the "Remove Files" button.  If the file is already in the archive, it will be flagged for removal and removed when you click on "Save...".  If the file in the list has not yet been added to the archive, it will be removed from the list when you click the "Remove Files" button.

Add Files to List - Use this to add files to the list of files to be archived as indicated by the following controls.

Drives - This allows you to select which drives will get searched for files to add to the list.

NOTE: Changes are not actually done until you click on a "Save" button.

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