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What is automatic archiving?

An automatic archive is an archive that is done for you with out you having to initiate it or decide which files get archived.

How does it work?

The File Archiver maintains a list of file types that have been chosen (see settings) to be the files that will get automatically archived. When the automatic archive process begins, the file archiver will look for files of the type that are in the list of file types to be monitored. If a file is of a type that is in the list and has been changed since the last automatic archive, it will be archived at this time.

How do I setup the File Archiver to do automatic archiving?

Note: If you select "Timed Archive" your computer must be on during the time period you select and for up to 10 minutes after.

What is "Learn Mode" and how does it affect the file types that are archived?

"Learn Mode" is a mode of operation where the File Archiver makes choices about what to do when it encounters a file that has changed but is not in the list of file types to monitor for automatic archiving. In "Learn Mode", the File Archiver will do one of the following when it encounters a new file type.

To enable "Learn Mode" ensure that the option "Automatically Add New File types. (Learn Mode)" is checked.

What if I want automatic file archives but I don't want to be bothered with a bunch of messages asking me what to do?

Go to the settings dialog and select the "Prompts" tab. Ensure that all the check boxes are not checked. If you turn off all prompts you should periodically check to ensure that the files that are important to you are being archived. You can manually add to the list of file types by going to settings and selecting the "File Types" tab.

Note: The prompt settings affect the learn mode settings. (i.e. you will no longer be prompted for new file types if you turn off the "When New File Type(s) are Detected." prompt)

I want the File Archiver program to monitor file changes, but I want to choose when the files actually get archived.

When you want to have the archive happen, click the "Pending Archive" button on the tool bar of the program.


See definitions for more information on archiving and backups.

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