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Contact may refer to:


1 Social interaction 2 Games 3 Books 4 Film 5 Music

5.1 Musicals 5.2 Albums 5.3 Songs

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Social interaction[edit]

Contact (social), a person who can offer help in achieving goals Contact (law), a concept related to visitation rights Contact (amateur radio) First contact (anthropology), an initial meeting of two cultures Language contact, the interaction of two or more languages Extraterrestrial contact


Contact (video game), a 2006 role-playing video game Contact (tile game) Contact, a social word-guessing game similar to Botticelli


Contact (novel), a novel by Carl Sagan Contact (magazine), an American literary "little magazine" Contact (The Culture), a fictional organization in the works of Iain M. Banks


Contact (1978 film) (Контакт), a Soviet animated short film Contact (1992 film), a short film by Jonathan Darby, with Brad Pitt Contact (1997 American film), a science fiction drama film adapted from the Carl Sagan novel The Contact (1997 South Korean film), a romance film by Chang Yoon-hyun Contact (2009 film), an Australian documentary film Contact, a 2002 short film by Kieran Galvin

Music[edit] Musicals[edit]

Contact (musical), a 1999 dance play


Contact (ATB album) Contact (Fantastic Plastic Machine album) Contact (Freda Payne album) Contact (Indo G album) Contact (Mad Heads album) Contact (Minori Chihara album) Contact (Noisettes album) Contact (Platinum Blonde album) Contact (Pointer Sisters album) Contact (Silver Apples album) Contact (Thirteen Senses album) Contact (Boney James album) Contact!, a 2001 album by Eiffel 65 Contact, an album by The Benjamin Gate Contact, an album by Milk


"Contact" (Daft Punk song) (2013) "Contact" (Edwin Starr song) (1978) "Contact", a song by Anthrax from We've Come for You All "Contact", a song by Brigitte Bardot "Contact", a song by Brooklyn Bounce "Contact", a song by Kyo from 300 Lésions "Contact", a song by Glenn Morrison "Contact", a song by Phish from Junta "Contact", a song by The Police from Reggatta de Blanc "Contact", a song by Spirit from Rapture in the Chambers "Contact", a song from the musical Rent


"Contact", a 1995 episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman "Contact" (Saving Hope), a 2012 episode of Saving Hope


Contact Air, an airline Contact Conference, an annual scientific conference Contact Energy, an energy company Contact Theatre, a multi-disciplinary arts venue in Manchester, England

Other uses[edit]

Contact (geology), a common geological feature Contact (mathematics), an equivalence relation Contact, Nevada, an unincorporated community in the United States Contact lens or contact, a lens placed on the eye Electrical contacts

See also[edit]

3-2-1 Contact, an American science educational television show Contac, a medication brand The Contact (other) Contact juggling Contact mechanics, the study of solid objects that deform when touching each other Contact print, a kind of photographic image Contact process, a method of producing sulfuric acid Contact process (mathematics), a model of an interacting particle system Contact sport, a sport in which players make contact with other players or objects Contactor, an electrically controlled switch used for switching a power circuit Kontakt (other) Sparśa, a concept in Buddhism

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