200px, An ''Acacia aulacocarpa'' tree. Black wattle is the common name for a number of species of trees that are native to Australia, as listed below: *'' Acacia aulacocarpa'' *''Acacia auriculiformis'', also known as Darwin Black Wattle or northern black wattle; *''Acacia concurrens'' *''Acacia crassicarpa'' *''Acacia decurrens'', also known as Early Black Wattle *''Acacia hakeoides'', also known as Western Black Battle *''Acacia implexa'' *''Acacia leiocalyx'', also known as Early-flowering Black Wattle *''Acacia mabellae'' *''Acacia mangium'' *''Acacia mearnsii'', also known as Late Black Wattle and the species of tree that is known to be, commercially, the most important tannin producer in Southern Africa *''Acacia melanoxylon'', a 'timber' tree that is commonly known as Australian Blackwood *''Acacia neriifolia'' *''Acacia plectocarpa'' *''Acacia salicina'' *''Acacia stenophylla'' It may also refer to ''Callicoma, Callicoma serratifolia'', a tall shrub or tree which is also found in Australia.


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