Walter may refer to:


* Walter (name), both a surname and a given name * Walter Devaram, Indian IPS officer, Ex-DGP of Tamil nadu * Walter (wrestler) (born 1987), Austrian professional wrestler and trainer * Walter, standard author abbreviation for Thomas Walter (botanist) ( – 1789)


* American Chocolate, later called Walter, an American automobile manufactured from 1902 to 1906 * Walter Energy, a metallurgical coal producer for the global steel industry * Walter Aircraft Engines, Czech manufacturer of aero-engines

Films and television

* Walter (1982 film), ''Walter'' (1982 film), a British television drama film * Walter Vetrivel, a 1993 Tamil crime drama film * Walter (2014 film), ''Walter'' (2014 film), a British television crime drama * Walter (2015 film), ''Walter'' (2015 film), an American comedy-drama film * Walter (2020 film), ''Walter'' (2020 film), an Indian crime drama film * ''W*A*L*T*E*R'', a 1984 pilot for a spin-off of the TV series ''M*A*S*H'' * ''Walter and Tandoori'' (original title ''Walter''), a Canadian animated television series


* Walter, Alabama * Walter Township, Minnesota

Other uses

* Walter (crater), on the Moon, more commonly known as Diophantus * Walter (Muppet), a Muppet that first appeared in the 2011 film, ''The Muppets'' * Walter (Lapinot), ''Walter'' (Lapinot), a comic strip by French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim * Walter One, an android in the film ''Alien: Covenant''

See also

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