A view is a sight or prospect or the ability to see or be seen from a particular place. View, views or Views may also refer to:

Common meanings

* View (Buddhism), a charged interpretation of experience which intensely shapes and affects thought, sensation, and action * Graphical projection in a technical drawing or schematic ** Multiview orthographic projection, standardizing 2D images to represent a 3D object * Opinion, a belief about subjective matters * Page view, a visit to a World Wide Web page * Panorama, a wide-angle view * World view, the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point-of-view


* View, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in Crittenden County * View, Texas, an unincorporated community in Taylor County

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''View'' (album), the 2003 debut album by Bryan Beller * ''Views'' (album), a 2016 album by Canadian rapper Drake *''Views'', a 2001 album by Pekka Pohjola *''View'', boy band Shinee's 2015 title track of ''Odd''


* ''View'' (magazine), an American literary and art magazine published from 1940 to 1947 * ''VIEWS'' (podcast), podcast hosted by David Dobrik


* View (SQL), a table generated from a stored relational database query * VIEW, a word processor computer program developed by Acornsoft for the BBC Micro home computer * Model–view–controller, a design pattern in software engineering * Mutual view, the quality or degree of visibility of a satellite to a ground station in satellite communications * View, Inc., American manufacturer of smart glass


* View series, a fleet of sleeper-observation railcars

See also

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