Victoria most commonly refers to: * Victoria (Australia), a state of the Commonwealth of Australia * Victoria, British Columbia, provincial capital of British Columbia, Canada * Victoria (mythology), Roman goddess of Victory * Victoria, Seychelles, the capital city of the Seychelles * Queen Victoria (1819–1901), Queen of the United Kingdom (1837–1901), Empress of India (1876–1901) Victoria may also refer to:


* Victoria (name), including a list of people with the name * Princess Victoria (disambiguation), several princesses named Victoria * Victoria (Gallic Empire) (died 271), 3rd-century figure in the Gallic Empire * Victoria, Lady Welby (1837–1912), English philosopher of language, musician and artist * Victoria of Baden (1862–1930), queen-consort of Sweden as wife of King Gustaf V * Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (born 1977) * Victoria, ring name of wrestler Lisa Marie Varon (born 1971) * Victoria (born 1987), professional name of Song Qian, Chinese/Korean singer-songwriter and actress * Victoria Georgieva (born 1997), Bulgarian singer known by the mononym Victoria



* Victoria, Buenos Aires * Victoria Department, in Entre Ríos Province * Victoria, Entre Ríos


* Province of Victoria, Anglican ecclesiastical province in Australia * Victoria (Australia), a state of the Commonwealth of Australia * Victoria Valley, Tasmania, a locality * Victoria Settlement or New Victoria, alternate names for Port Essington in the Northern Territory


* Victoria, British Columbia, provincial capital ** Greater Victoria, metropolitan around the provincial capital ** Victoria Harbour (British Columbia) * Victoria, Manitoba * Victoria, Newfoundland and Labrador ** Victoria River (Newfoundland and Labrador) * Victoria, Nova Scotia * Victoria Ward (Ottawa), Ontario * Victoria, Prince Edward Island * Victoria Island (Canada), Nunavut/Northwest Territories * Victoria Trail, Edmonton

Canadian electoral districts

* Canadian Senate divisions, named Victoria (in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) and Victoria-Carelton (in New Brunswick) * Victoria (Alberta electoral district) (1909–1925) * Victoria (Alberta provincial electoral district) * Victoria (British Columbia electoral district) (1871–1890 and since 1966) * Victoria (electoral district), a federal electoral district in British Columbia * Victoria (New Brunswick electoral district) (1867–1914) * Victoria (New Brunswick provincial electoral district) * Victoria (Nova Scotia electoral district) (1867–1904) * Victoria (N.W.T. electoral district) (1894–1905) * Victoria (Ontario electoral district) (1903–1966) * Victoria City (electoral district) (1904–1924), a federal electoral district in British Columbia * Victoria City (provincial electoral district), (1861–1963)

Hong Kong

* Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon * Victoria, Hong Kong, the ''de facto'' capital of Hong Kong during the British colonial period * Victoria Peak, a mountain in the western half of Hong Kong Island


* Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, Mexico * Victoria, Guanajuato * Victoria Municipality, Guanajuato * Victoria Municipality, Tamaulipas


* Victoria, Laguna * Victoria, Northern Samar * Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, a 2nd class municipality * Victoria, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro, a barangay * Victoria, Tarlac * Victorias City, Negros Occidental * Ciudad de Victoria, a tourism and entertainment complex in Bulacan


* Victoria, Botoșani County, a village in Hlipiceni Commune * Victoria, Botoșani County, a village in Stăuceni Commune * Victoria, Brașov, a town in Brașov County * Victoria, Brăila, a commune in Brăila County * Victoria, Iași, a commune in Iași County * Victoria, Tulcea County, a village in Nufăru Commune

United Kingdom

* Victoria (Hackney ward), a civic ward in the London Borough of Hackney, England, UK * Victoria (Sefton ward), a civic ward in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside, England, UK * Victoria, Cornwall, a hamlet * Victoria, Newport, Wales * Victoria, London, a district named after Queen Victoria * ''Victoria'', Roman name of Comrie, Scotland * Victoria, ward of Newbury, Berkshire

United States

* Victoria, Alabama * Victoria, Arkansas * Victoria, Georgia * Victoria, Illinois * Victoria, Indiana * Victoria, Greene County, Indiana * Victoria, Kansas * Victoria, Louisiana * Victoria, Michigan * Victoria, Minnesota * Victoria, Bolivar County, Mississippi, a ghost town * Victoria, Marshall County, Mississippi * Victoria, Missouri * Victoria (Charlotte, North Carolina), a historic home in Mecklenburg County * Victoria, Texas * Victoria, Virginia * Victoria, West Virginia


* 12 Victoria, a main-belt IIIa asteroid * Lake Victoria, with shoreline in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania * Masvingo Province, previously Victoria Province, in Zimbabwe * Victoria Land, Antarctica * Victória, former spelling of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil * Limbe, Cameroon, known as "Victoria" until 1982 * Victoria, Chile, a city in Malleco Province, southern Chile * Victoria, Caldas, a town and municipality in the Department of Caldas, Colombia * Victoria (neighborhood), Alexandria, Egypt * Victoria, Cabañas, a municipality in the department of Cabañas, El Salvador * Victoria, Grenada, a town in Saint Mark Parish * Victoria, Guyana * Victoria, Yoro, Honduras * The Latin name of the siege camp during the battle of Parma, Italy, intended by Frederick II to be the seat of his kingdom. * Victoria, Labuan, the capital of the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia * Victoria, Gozo, capital of Gozo, Malta * Victoria, Sărăteni, Leova district, Moldova * Victoria, New Zealand, a suburb of Gisborne * Victoria, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, a ''barrio'' * Victoria, Seychelles, capital of the country of Seychelles * Victoria, Gauteng, South Africa * Victoria Bay, a small cove in the Western Cape, South Africa


* Victoria (Cervecería Centro Americana), a pale Guatemalan lager * Victoria (Grupo Modelo), a dark Mexican lager * Victoria (soda), a fruit-flavored soda available in Querétaro (México) and owned by The Coca-Cola Company * Victoria Bitter, a bitter Australian lager

Animals and plants

* ''Victoria'' (moth), a moth genus in the family Geometridae * ''Victoria'' (plant), a waterlily genus in the family Nymphaeaceae * Victoria plum, a plum cultivar * Victoria (goose), the first goose to receive a prosthetic 3D printed beak * Victoria (grape), another name for the German/Italian wine grape Trollinger



*''Galera Victoria'', Spanish galleon which sank in 1729 * HMCS ''Victoria'' (SSK 876), a Canadian submarine * HMS ''Victoria'', four ships of the British Royal Navy * HMVS ''Victoria'', two ships of the Victorian Naval Force * Lake Victoria ferries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda * MV ''Princess Victoria'', a ferry that sank on 31 January 1953 * ''Queen Victoria'' (ship), several ships * , a Lake Victoria ferry now called MV ''Victoria'' * Spanish frigate ''Victoria'' (F82), a Spanish frigate * SS ''Victoria'' (1870), a coastal passenger liner operated by the Alaska Steamship Company *SS ''Victoria'' (Liberty), a Panamanian liberty ship in service 1947–50 * , a passenger vessel built for the London and South Western Railway * , a passenger vessel built for the Pacific Steam Navigation Company * , a Cross-Channel and Isle of Man ferry * Victoria 17, an American sailboat design * Victoria 18, an American sailboat design * ''Victoria'', a ferry that sank 24 May 1881 in London, Ontario (see List of Canadian disasters by death toll) * ''Victoria'' (ship) (also known as ''Nao Victoria'' and ''Vittoria''), the first ship to circumnavigate the world * ''Victoria'' (sternwheeler), an 1869 paddle steamer from the upper Fraser River * Victoria Class (disambiguation), various ship classes named Victoria


* GWR Victoria Class, type of steam locomotive * Victoria (Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway locomotive), a locomotive on the former Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway * London Victoria station, the second busiest rail terminus in London * Victoria station (disambiguation), several railway stations * Victoria line, a south-west to north-east line that runs through central London on the London Underground network

Other forms of transport

* Victoria (carriage), open carriage named after Queen Victoria * Victoria (motorcycle), a now defunct German bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer * Vickers Victoria, troop transport aircraft of the British Royal Air Force * Crown Victoria, an American full-size car


* C.D. Victoria, Honduran football team * Northwich Victoria F.C., Cheshire, England * Victorian Bushrangers, Australian cricket team * Victoria Jaworzno, a Polish boxing and football team * Victoria Libertas Pesaro, an Italian basketball team * Victoria National Golf Club, Indiana, U.S. * Victoria Rosport, a Luxembourg football team * Victoria Vikes, the athletic program of the University of Victoria in Canada

Arts and media


* ''Victoria'' (1917 film), a Russian silent film directed by Olga Preobrazhenskaya, based on the Knut Hamsun novel * ''Victoria'' (1935 film), a 1935 German film * ''Victoria'' (1972 film), a 1972 Mexican film based on Henry James' 1880 novel ''Washington Square'' * ''Victoria'' (1979 film), a 1979 Swedish film based on the Knut Hamsun novel * ''Victoria'' (2008 film), a 2008 French-Canadian film * ''The Young Victoria'', a 2009 film * ''Victoria'' (2013 film), a 2013 Norwegian film * ''Viktoria'' (film), a 2014 Bulgarian-Romanian film * ''Victoria'' (2015 film), a 2015 German film * ''In Bed with Victoria'', a 2016 French adult drama film with the original title ''Victoria'' * ''Victoria and Abdul'', a 2017 film


* ''Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun'', computer game by Paradox Interactive * ''Victoria II'', the sequel from Paradox Interactive


* ''Victoria: a novel of 4th generation war'', a 2014 novel by William S. Lind * ''Victoria'' (Michael novel), a 1993 novel by Sami Michael * ''Victoria'' (novel), an 1898 novel by Knut Hamsun


* "Victoria" (Dance Exponents song), 1982 * "Victoria" (Eve 6 song), 2012 * "Victoria" (The Kinks song), 1969 (covered by The Fall in 1988) * "Victoria" (Magnus Uggla song), 1993 * "Victoria", a 2008 song by Jukebox the Ghost song from ''Let Live and Let Ghosts''


* ''Victoria'' (Mexican TV series), a 1987 Mexican telenovela * ''Victoria'' (2007 TV series), a 2007 American telenovela * ''Victoria'' (British TV series), a 2016 British television series


* Victoria (Twilight), an antagonist from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer * Victoria Hand, a character from Marvel Comics * Victoria Lord, the principal character in the long-running soap opera ''One Life to Live'' * Victoria the White Cat from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical ''Cats'' * Victoria Waterfield, a character from ''Doctor Who'' * Victoria Winters, the young governess in ''Dark Shadows''

Other media

* Victoria (3D figure), the articulated 3D figure by DAZ 3D * Victoria (birthing simulator), a medical-education simulator by Gaumard Scientific

Other uses

* The Victoria (disambiguation), several public houses in England * Victoria (crater), in the Meridiani Planum, Mars, named after one of Ferdinand Magellan's ships * 12 Victoria, an asteroid

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