''USA High'' is an American teen sitcom which ran on USA Network from August 1997 to June 1999, ending after 95 episodes. The series revolves around six friends enrolled at the American Academy boarding school in Paris, France.

Background Information

''USA High'' ran for a total of 95 episodes. Season 1 consisted of 75 episodes and ran from August 4, 1997 through November 1998. Season 2 consisted of 20 episodes and aired from November 1998 until June 1999. It was rerun on USA Network through August 4, 2001. ''USA High'' was originally conceived to be a part of NBC's Saturday morning TNBC lineup. The series' executive producer was Peter Engel, who was also responsible for the ''Saved by the Bell'' franchise, ''California Dreams'', ''City Guys'', and ''Hang Time''. Its co-executive producers were Leslie Eberhard and Steve Slavkin (who was co-executive producer for the series' first 25 episodes only). The series was one of two post-''Saved by the Bell: The College Years'' series executive produced by Engel that did not air as part of the TNBC lineup, ''Malibu, CA'' being the other.


* Josh Holland as Jackson Greene * Elena Lyons as Lauren Fontaine * Thomas Magiar as Christian Mueller * Marquita Terry as Winnie Barnes * James Madio as Bobby Lazzarini (season 1) * Kristen Miller as Ashley Elliot * Angela Visser as Miss Gabrielle Dupree * Nicholas Guest as Headmaster Patrick Elliot * William James Jones as Dwane "Excess" Wilson (season 2)



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