''Two White Arms'', also known as ''Wives Beware'', is a 1932 British comedy film directed by Fred Niblo and starring Adolphe Menjou, Margaret Bannerman and Claud Allister. It is adapted from a play by Harold Dearden. Produced by Eric Hakim Productions and backed by MGM, the film was produced at Wembley Studios. It was Bannerman's first 'talkie'.


A man tires of married life and feigns the loss of his memory so he can pursue other women.


* Adolphe Menjou as Major Carey Liston * Margaret Bannerman as Lydie Charrington * Claud Allister as Doctor Biggash * Jane Baxter as Alison Drury * Kenneth Kove as Bob Russell * Ellis Jeffreys as Lady Ellerslie * René Ray as Trixie * Jean Cadell as Mrs Drury * Henry Wenman as Mears * Spencer Trevor as Sir George * Melville Cooper as Mack


On 6 June 1933, ''Wives Beware'' was shown at the Camden Drive-In Theater in Pennsauken, New Jersey, making it the first film shown at a fully dedicated drive-in theater.


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