Transeuropean or Trans-European or ''variant'', may refer to: * Transeuropean Airlines (IATA airline code: UE; ICAO airline code: TEP; callsign: TRANSEURLINE), former Russian charter airline * Trans European Airways (IATA airline code: HE; ICAO airline code: TEA; callsign: BELGAIR), former Belgian airline * Trans European Aviation, former British charter airline * Trans-European Suture Zone (geology) a geographic feature, the interface between the Eastern European Craton and later accretions * Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists (TED) * Trans-European Networks (TEN), EU defined networks * Trans-European Motorways (TEM), a UN project * Trans-European Trunked Radio, a trunked radio network

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* Trans (disambiguation) * European (disambiguation) * Trans Euro Trail (TET) a motorcycle backpacking trail * Transeuropa Compañía de Aviación (IATA airline code: TR; callsign: TRANSEUOPA), operating as ''Trans-Europa'', a former Spanish airline * Air Transport Europe (ICAO airline code: EAT; callsign: TRANS EUROPE), a Slovakian airline * Trans Europe Foot Race, a multiday ultramarathon across Europe * Trans Europe Halles (TEH), a trans-European network of cultural centres * * * Pan-European (disambiguation) * Transeuropa (disambiguation) {{SIA