''The Daily 10'' (also known as ''The D10'') is an American daily television entertainment news show that aired on cable channel E! from March 2006 to October 2010. Hosts count down the top ten entertainment news stories of the day.


In addition to entertainment news, ''The Daily 10'' featured segments that cover fashion, music and movie reviews. Regular segments include: "The Lyon's Den" in which resident movie critic, Ben Lyons reviews upcoming films. "Flashy or Trashy", celebrity fashion critiques by Robbie Laughlin, and "Fashion Trends" with Amanda Luttrell Garrigus. Every Friday, the show featured rapper Infinite-1 performing the Hollywood Rap-Up. Other regular segments included "Fashion Round-Up", "Quick Hitters", "Who wore it better?" "True or False", "Now Hear This", and "Spotted." On weekends, ''The Daily 10'' was compiled of news and segments from the previous week.

On-air staff


*Sal Masekela - anchor (2006–2010) *Catt Sadler - anchor (2006–2010) *Debbie Matenopoulos - anchor (2006–2009)


*Ben Lyons - film critic/correspondent (2006–2010) *Clinton Sparks - music correspondent (2007–2010) *Jason Kennedy - fill-in anchor (2006–2010) *Ashlan Gorse - fill-in anchor (2008–2010) *Kristina Guerrero - fill-in anchor (2008–2010) *Amy Paffrath - correspondent/fill-in anchor (2010) *Robbie Laughlin - fashion correspondent (2006–2010) *Amanda Luttrell Garrigus - fashion correspondent (2006–2010) *Michael Yo - celebrity correspondent (2007–2010) *Damien Fahey - fill-in anchor (2010) *Michael Catherwood - fill-in anchor (2010) *Morgan Webb - fill-in anchor (2010)


On September 27, 2010, E! had announced that it had cancelled ''The Daily Ten'' after four years on the air. The final edition of the program aired on October 1, 2010. E! had previously announced on September 21, 2010 that its flagship entertainment news program ''E! News'' would expand back to its previous hour-long format on October 25, 2010 (reruns of E! reality programs such as ''Keeping Up with the Kardashians'' aired in the three weeks prior to the expansion of ''E! News''), and ''E! News'' incorporated some of ''The Daily 10'''s featured segments and some personalities featured on the program.


On the September 17, 2010 edition of the show, Michael Catherwood, a radio host for Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM and co-host of the syndicated radio show ''Loveline'' who frequently substituted for Sal Masekela in recent months, made a controversial remark alluding to prison rape about openly gay singer and former ''American Idol'' runner-up Adam Lambert during a story about a physical altercation that Lambert allegedly had with a paparazzo earlier that week. Catherwood said "From what I know about jail, Mr. Lambert probably wouldn’t have too bad a time." Catherwood later apologized on his Twitter account, insisting it was merely an attempted joke insinuating that Lambert would enjoy being in jail, because he would be in an all-male environment; after backlash from Lambert himself, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and many viewers, the show issued an on-air apology the following Monday. The series was cancelled four days later, with Masekela blaming Catherwood directly for its cancellation.


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