Tammy may refer to: *Tam o'shanter, a Scottish hat *''Tammy'' (film series), a series of four films **''Tammy and the Bachelor'', the first film in the series **"Tammy" (song), a popular song from ''Tammy and the Bachelor'' **''Tammy'' (TV series), a 1965 U.S. television comedy based on the series * ''Tammy'' (film), a 2014 film (unrelated to the aforementioned series) *''Tammy'' (comics), a British comic that ran from 1971 to 1984 *Tammy (given name) **Tamara (given name) *''Tammy'' (doll), a fashion doll created by the Ideal Toy Company in response to Mattel's Barbie doll *''Tammy'', a British girls' fashion store chain, purchased by and incorporated into Bhs stores after 2005

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