T is the twentieth letter of the Latin alphabet. (For the same letterform in the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets, see Te and Tau respectively). T may also refer to:

Codes and units

* T, Tera- as in one trillion * T, the symbol for "True" in logic * T, the usual symbol for period, the reciprocal of frequency * T, the symbol for Tesla, the SI unit of magnetic field * t, the SI symbol for tonne or ''metric ton'' * t, the usual symbol for time * t, the angular coordinate of the polar coordinate system (usually ϕ or θ) is sometimes denoted by t * \tau, the symbol for torque * , the top element of a partially ordered set * T, short for tablespoon * t, short for teaspoon


* Titus (praenomen), common name throughout Roman history, regularly abbreviated T



* ''T'' (''New York Times''), a fashion magazine * ''T'', a novel by Victor Pelevin * T-unit, a grammatical term * ''"T" Is for Trespass'', the twentieth novel in Sue Grafton's "Alphabet mystery" series, published in 2007


* Mr. T (b. 1952), American television actor *T, the production code for the 1965 ''Doctor Who'' serial ''Galaxy 4'' * The T logo for the American Spanish-language network Telemundo


* ''T'' (Funker Vogt album), a 2000 aggrotech album by Funker Vogt * ''T'' (TVXQ album), a 2008 TVXQ album * ''T'' (Teflon Brothers album), a 2009 album by Finnish hip hop group Teflon Brothers * "t," an Iamamiwhoami song * T, abbreviation for tutti * T, abbreviation for tenor * t, note abbreviation in tonic sol-fa for seventh scale degree * T-Babe, a virtual pop singer

Video games

* T (teen), a game rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board which the board believes is suitable for those aged 13 years and older

Finance and business

* T-Mobile, mobile network operator based in Germany * T-Online, German Internet Service Provider * Treasury (as in T-Bill, T-Bond, T-Note) * T, a mintmark for Nantes, France * T, the U.S. ticker symbol for AT&T on the New York Stock Exchange * The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, United States


Biology and medicine

* Haplogroup T (mtDNA), a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup * T cells, part of the components of the immune system along with B cells * T, the one-letter code used for threonine, one of the 20 amino acids used in transcription of a polypeptide chain * Thymine, one of the four nucleic acids of DNA * T, gene and protein symbol for the transcription factor brachyury * Thoracic vertebrae T-1 through T-12 * T wave, the repolarization wave of cardiac ventricles in electrocardiography * T, a common abbreviation for the male sex hormone testosterone


* T-rex, abbreviation for ''Tyrannosaurus rex''


* Thunderstorm * T-number in the Dvorak technique, a way to rate storm intensity

Physics and chemistry

* T, symbol for tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen * T-symmetry in particle physics * Class T, a cool brown dwarf class of stars * ΔT (disambiguation): a variety of meanings related to changes in a quantity denoted by T, such as time or temperature


* T score, a statistical term * Student's t-distribution, statistical term * System T, in modal logic * \mathbb^n, the ''n''-dimensional torus (\mathbb^n/\mathbb^n) * \mathbb, the Circle group *AT, the transpose of a matrix A

Technology and computing

* T (programming language), created in the early 1980s * T, Toshiba's mobile phones in Japan * T, an abbreviation for telephone number * t, an abbreviation for microblogging service Twitter * t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding, a machine learning algorithm for data visualization * T-pose, a default pose for a 3D model's skeleton before it is animated * Landing T, a ground signal that indicates the wind direction in aerodromes * Transfer (computing), in computer technology, a data transfer, often used to measure speed (e.g. megatransfers per second)



* Ford Model T, produced 1908–1927 * NZR T class steam locomotives in New Zealand * Tank locomotive * OS T1000, an Oslo Metro train * T gauge, a scale for model railroad trains

Public transport

* Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (nicknamed the "T") * T Third Street in San Francisco, California * Oslo Metro or * Pittsburgh Light Rail, commonly called the T * Stockholm Metro or ''T-bana'' * T (New York City Subway service) * Trinity Metro, formerly known as "The T"


* the International Phonetic Alphabet character for the voiceless alveolar plosive * the IPA character representing the voiceless retroflex stop

Other uses

* "The T", a nickname for the rural part of Pennsylvania due to its shape when eliminating the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Metropolitan Areas, also known by its slang term Pennsyltucky * Т, a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet * T-bone steak, the cut of meat * T-shirt, a type of clothing * T in the Park, an annual music festival, held in Kinross, Scotland and named after its main sponsor, the brewing company Tennents * Crossing the T, a classic naval warfare tactic * Stealing the 'T', an historic college prank as the "T" is stolen from the Tech Tower at the Georgia Institute of Technology * T (Tango), the military time zone code for UTC−07:00

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