Supreme may refer to: * Supreme (brand), a clothing brand based in New York * Supreme (comics), a comic book superhero * Supreme (cookery), a term used in cookery * ''Supreme'' (film), a 2016 Telugu film * Supreme (producer), hip-hop record producer * "Supreme" (song), a 2000 song by Robbie Williams * Supreme Pictures Corporation, 1930s film company * Supreme Soviet, the highest legislation body of Soviet Union, dissolved in 1991 * Supreme, Louisiana, a census-designated place in the United States * Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, car produced by Oldsmobile between 1966 and 1997 * Plaxton Supreme, British coach bodywork built in the late 1970s and early 1980s * muscadine (''Vitis rotundifolia''), cultivar * The Supremes, Motown-era singer group

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* Supreme Records (disambiguation), several record labels * Supremo (disambiguation) * Supreme court {{disambiguation