Suba may refer to:

Groups of people

*Suba people (Kenya), a people of Kenya **Suba language *Suba people (Tanzania), a people of Tanzania *Subha (writers), alternatively spelt Suba, Indian writer duo

Individual people

*Suba (musician), Serbian-Brazilian musician *Mihai Suba (born 1947), Romanian chess grandmaster


* Suba District, a former district of Nyanza Province, Kenya * Suba, Bogotá, a locality of Bogotá ** Avenida Suba (Bogotá), main avenue in the city, named after the locality * Suba, Jerusalem, an Palestinian village near Jerusalem depopulated in 1948


* ''Suba'' (film), a 2010 Sri Lankan Sinhala drama film * Okinawa soba

See also

* *Subah (disambiguation) * Subba (disambiguation) {{disambiguation|geo|surname Category:Language and nationality disambiguation pages