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''Sports Magazine'' | website = St. Michael's Convent School (SMCS) is an independent academically selective primary and secondary school in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The coeducational school serves approximately 3000 students, aged between 3 and 19 years. Established in 1986, the school started its first academic session on 23 November 1986 under its founder principal Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo. Over the past thirty years, the school has expanded from a school with a population of a few hundred students to a large institution and teaches more than three thousand students.


Bishop Anthony Lobo was appointed as the Principal of St Lawrence's School for Boys, Karachi and later took charge of one of the oldest schools in Karachi, St Patrick's High School. In November 1986, he founded St. Michael's Convent School. The school is named after the arc angel Michael, who is the school's patron. Every year the school celebrates the feast of the arc angel Michael on 29 September, the Michaelmas.


The school is divided into five sections: Nursery, Primary, Secondary, O Level and A Level sections. The Nursery section caters to Lower Nursery and Upper Nursery, the Primary section includes grades 1 to 5, the Secondary section includes grades 6 to 8, the O Level section includes grades 9 to 11, and the A Level section comprises AS Level and A Level. The Nursery and Primary sections are split into Morning and Afternoon shifts. The Nursery and Primary sections, both Primary and Afternoon shifts, are located in the first building and the Secondary, O Level and A Level sections along with the administration offices are located in the second building.

Teaching and facilities

The school's emphasis is on the O and A Level system of education. The admission for LN & UN start in January. For other classes it depends upon vacancies existing. Students are instructed in computer technology on entry to secondary. The yearly calendar, apart from academics, comprises Declamation Contests, Naat Khawani, Field Trips, Drama, Art Exhibitions, Play writing, Story writing, Poetry competitions, the St. Michael's Model United Nations, amongst classes under the tutelage of the teachers.

Inter-school events

The school hosts several inter-school events and competitions. The most famous of these are the St. Michael's Model United Nations a model UN conference and St. Michael's Debate Championship, an inter-school parliamentary debate, both of which are hosted annually. The first SMDC event was hosted in February 2012, with over 20 institutions and private teams participating. Among other inter-school events hosted by the School is the Inter-school Science Competition for A Level students.

Student Council

The Student Council is the student body of the school that assists the administration in many of its functions regarding maintenance of discipline, assisting in managing school events like the sports day, mela, award ceremony, orientation, parent-teacher meetings etc. The Student Council is headed by a Head Boy and a Head Girl, two Deputies, and a number of Proctors and Prefects. In addition to this, the Student Council consists of a Head House Captain and two House Captains for each of the four Houses. The Student Council is constituted each year at the beginning of the academic year where students are nominated as candidates after screening by the management and elected by the students.

House system

The four school houses, established in 1986, are: ''Unity'' :Mascot: Bull ''Faith'' :Mascot: Swan ''Discipline'' :Mascot: Lion ''Honesty'' :Mascot: Dolphin

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