Spike, spikes, or spiking may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''The Spike'' (novel), a novel by Arnaud de Borchgrave * ''The Spike'' (book), a nonfiction book by Damien Broderick * ''The Spike'', a starship in Peter F. Hamilton's ''The Evolutionary Void''


* ''Spike'' (DC Thomson) a British comics anthology published by DC Thomson * ''Spike'' (IDW Publishing), a comic book series featuring the ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' character

Film and television

* ''Spike'' (2008 film), directed by Robert Beaucage * Spike (dog), a dog actor * Spike (TV channel), a former name of the American cable network Paramount Network **5Spike, a former localized British version of the American channel ** Spike (Australian TV channel), a localized version of the American channel ** Spike (Dutch TV channel), a localized version of the American channel * "Spike!", a segment of the 2017 Thai TV series ''Project S: The Series''


* ''Spike'' (Agata album), 2004 * ''Spike'' (Puffy AmiYumi album), 2001 * ''Spike'' (Elvis Costello album), 1989 * Spike (music), a part of certain stringed instruments * "Spikes", a song by Death Grips from the album ''Bottomless Pit'' * "Spike", a song from The Network album ''Money Money 2020''


* ''Spike Art Quarterly'' an art magazine based in Berlin and Vienna est. 2004 * ''Spike Magazine'', an internet cultural journal which began in 1996

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* Spike (character), a list of fictional characters named Spike * Spike (company), a video game company * Spike (journalism), to decide not to publish or publicize a story * Spike (stagecraft), markings on a stage to show the correct positioning of objects and actors * ''Spike'' (video game), a 1983 platform game for the Vectrex video game system

Biology and medicine

* Spike (botany), a kind of inflorescence in which sessile flowers are arranged on an unbranched elongated axis * Spike (neuroscience), or action potential * SPIKES, a clinical protocol used to break bad news to patients * Spike protein, a structure projecting from the surface of an enveloped virus, which binds to host cells * Spine (zoology), a hard, needle-like anatomical structure



* Spike (nickname), a list of people * Spike (surname), a list of people * Spikes (surname), a list of people

People with the name or stage name

In film

* Spike Jonze, an American filmmaker * Spike Lee, an American filmmaker

In music

* Spike (musician), singer of The Quireboys * Spike (Welsh guitarist), stage name of Mike Williams * Spike, stage name of Frans van Zoest, guitar player of rock band Di-rect * Spike Slawson, American punk vocalist and bassist of the Swinging Utters and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes * Spike Xavier, lead singer of nu metal band Corporate Avenger

In professional wrestling

* Spike Dudley, the ring name of former American professional wrestler Matthew Jonathan Hyson (born 1970) * Moondog Spike, the ring name of American professional wrestler Bill Smithson * Spike Huber, a professional wrestler from the United States Wrestling Association * Spike, a professional wrestler, half of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling tag team The Heavy Metal Sisters


* Spike (gridiron football), a play in American football * Spike (volleyball), a form of volleyball attack * Spikes (mascot), the mascot of the Minor League AAA Rochester Red Wings * State College Spikes, a minor league baseball team that plays in the New York – Penn League * Track spikes, lightweight shoes with spikes screwed into their bottom, or spike plate, in order to maximize traction



* Spike (application), an email app which displays email in a chat-like format * Spike (database), a biological database * Spiking (fintech), a social trading platform * Spike (software development), a small task done to reduce uncertainty about a larger task * SPIKE algorithm, a mathematical parallel algorithm for solving banded systems of linear equations

Mechanical devices

* Cleat (shoe), a protrusion on the sole of a shoe to provide traction ** Track spikes, lightweight shoes with spikes screwed into their bottom, or spike plate * Nail (fastener), or spike, especially one over ten inches (25 cm) long ** Rail spike, used to construct railroad tracks ** Screw spike, used to construct railroad tracks * Spike strip, a device used to impede or stop the movement of wheeled vehicles * Spindle (stationery), an upright spike used to hold papers

Other uses in technology

* Spike (missile) an Israeli fourth generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) * Voltage spike, also called an electrical surge, an electronic glitch * Touch hole or "Spiking the guns", rendering a muzzle-loading gun temporarily inoperable by driving a nail into the vent

Other uses

* Spike, to add alcohol or another recreational drug to a typically non-alcoholic drink or foodstuff ** Mickey Finn (drugs), a drink laced with an incapacitating drug * Spike, a colloquial name for a workhouse

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