Schalk is both a
patronymic surname A patronymic surname is a surname originated from the given name of the father or a patrilineal ancestor. Different cultures have different ways of producing patronymic surnames. For example, early patronymic Welsh surnames were the result ...
and a Germanic given name. As a given name, with the meaning "servant", it has been recorded as early as the 8th century as ''Scalco'' and ''Scalcho''. Schalk at the Dutch surname database
/ref> The composite given name "Godschalk" or " Gottschalk" (God's servant) was more popular with the higher classes. Quite common in the Low Countries in the Middle Ages, it is now primarily an
Afrikaans File:WIKITONGUES- Alaric speaking Afrikaans.webm, Alaric speaking Afrikaans. Afrikaans (, ) is a West Germanic languages, West Germanic language spoken in South Africa, Namibia and, to a lesser extent, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It evolved ...
given name. Notable people with the name include: ;Given name * Schalk Booysen (1927–2011), South African sprinter and middle distance runner * Schalk Brits (born 1981), South African rugby player * Burger Geldenhuys, Schalk Burger (born 1956), South African rugby player using the name ''Burger Geldenhuys'' * Schalk Burger (born 1983), South African rugby player * Schalk Willem Burger (1852-1918), acting President of South Africa (1900-02) * Schalk Ferreira (born 1984), South African rugby player * Schalk Joubert (born 1975), South African bass player * Schalk Oelofse (born 1988), South African rugby player * Schalk van der Merwe (1961–2016), South African tennis player * Schalk van der Merwe (rugby union) (born 1990), South African rugby player * Schalk Verhoef (1935–1997), Dutch road cyclist ;Surname * Alex Schalk (born 1992), Dutch footballer * Carl Schalk (born 1929), American church music composer * Chaim Schalk (born 1986), Canadian beach volleyball player * D. J. Schalk, pseudonym of David Kalisch (1820-1872), German playwright and humorist * Franz Schalk (1863-1931), Austrian conductor * Gertrude Schalk (1906–1977), African-American writer, columnist, and newspaper editor * Henriette Goverdine Anna van der Schalk (1869–1952), Dutch poet and socialist * Jeff Schalk (born 1974), American mountain bike racer * Johann Schalk (1903-1987), German World War II fighter ace * (1850–1919), German painter * Joseph Schalk (1857–1900), Austrian conductor, musicologist and pianist; older brother of Franz Schalk * Louis Schalk (1926-2002), American test pilot * Peter Schalk (born 1961), Dutch politician * Ray Schalk (1892-1970), American baseball player, coach, manager and scout * Roy Schalk (1908–1990), American baseball player and manager

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* FC Schalke 04, German football club * Schalks, New Jersey, unincorporated community in the United States * Schellekens, a Dutch surname with the same origin


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