Sally Bundock (née Jackson) (born 1972) is a news presenter who presents ''The Briefing'' on BBC One, BBC World News and the BBC News Channel. She joined ''World Business Report'' in September 2000 where she presents its early morning edition, programming viewed mostly by audiences in European and international markets. Bundock has presented the 5am hour on BBC One, BBC World News and the BBC News Channel since the early 2000s.

Early life

Bundock was born in 1972 in Hertfordshire. She completed an undergraduate degree in public administration at the Polytechnic of Wales, then moved to London to obtain a postgraduate diploma in journalism at City University London.


Bundock is a financial journalist and presenter who began covering business news in the mid-1990s when she worked for Bloomberg. Since then she has covered many momentous events including World Economic Forums, G7 conferences and historic EU Summits. During 2007 she became a BBC news business news anchor for the breakfast news slot, often presenting with Jonathan Charles or David Jessel. She currently still works at the BBC as a World News presenter and is known to occasionally speak at media and journalistic events.

''World Business Report''

''World Business Report'' was launched in September 2001 and offers a blend of news, business and sport to reflect the demands of the Global business community. She joined the programme in September 2002, when it was part of ''The World Today''

Personal life

She married Paul Bundock in 1999 in Market Harborough; he died in mid-2017. She has three sons.


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