Sahrawi or Saharawi (also transliterated into Spanish as or French as ), is an Arabic term meaning 'from the Sahara', or more specifically the Western Sahara. It can also mean 'from the desert' in general. Sahrawi may also refer to:


*the Sahrawi people, a Hassaniya-speaking ethnic group in the Maghreb region of Africa **the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, the state of the Sahrawi people ***holders of Sahrawi passports (see Sahrawi nationality law) ***Women in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic **residents of Western Sahara, the Tekna Zone or the Sahrawi refugee camps *persons from the Sahara desert


* Abdelbaki Sahraoui (1910–1995), Algerian imam * Cheb Sahraoui (born 1961), Algerian musician and rai singer * Djamila Sahraoui (born 1950), Algerian filmmaker * Samira Sahraoui, Algerian actress * Nabil Sahraoui (1969–2004), Algerian militant * Youcef Sahraoui, director of cinematographic photography in Algeria * Saâd Sahraoui (born 1985), Algerian professional football player * Marouane Sahraoui (born 1996), French-born Tunisian football player * Mohammed Sahraoui (born 1978), Tunisian boxer * Mourad Sahraoui (born 1983), Tunisian boxer {{disambig|surname Category:Arabic-language surnames Category:Language and nationality disambiguation pages