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Robbins (name) Robbins is an English language surname. People with the name include: A * Aaron Robbins (born 1983), American football player * Alan Robbins (born 1943), American politician * Alexandra Robbins (born 1976), American journalist and author * Alfr ...
, a surname

Fictional characters

* Al Robbins, medical doctor in ''CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'' * Arizona Robbins, surgeon in ''Grey's Anatomy'' * Jack Robbins, character on ''EastEnders'' television series * Lily Robbins, character in ''The Lily Series'' * Parker Robbins, comic book character


Antarctica * Robbins Hill, a hill at the terminus of Blue Glacier (Antarctica), Blue Glacier Australia * Robbins Passage and Boullanger Bay Important Bird Area, Tasmania USA * Robbins, California, town in Sutter County * Robbins, Illinois, village in Cook County * Robbins, Michigan, an unincorporated community * Robbins, Missouri, an unincorporated community * Robbins, North Carolina, city in Moore County * Robbins, Tennessee, unincorporated community in Scott County *Robbins, Virginia


* Baskin-Robbins, American chain of ice cream parlors * Bernie Robbins Stadium, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA * Robins Report, UK report on higher education * Robbins Entertainment, American dance music record label * ''Robbins v. Lower Merion School District'', case concerning alleged school spying through students' laptop webcams, USA

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