Rob Owen (born 1971) is an American
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Columnist and editor

Owen's career includes stints as a radio and television columnist at the Albany Times Union in
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. He was also a features writer at the Richmond Times-Dispatch in
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. His articles also appeared in the now-defunct NetGuide magazine. During 1998-2010 he was TV editor and critic for the
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and from 2010 to 2020 he wrote for the paper and its website as TV writer/critic. He is currently with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Trib Total Media as TV writer/columnist. In addition, he freelances regularly for Variety (Hollywood, Calif.), The Seattle Times (Seattle, Wash.), the Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo.) and the Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Va.). He's also had articles published in Portland Monthly, Pittsburgh Magazine, Shady Avenue, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Wash.). He is a past president of the Television Critics Association and currently TCA's co-hotel coordinator.

Volunteer work

Other works

While at the ''Times-Dispatch'', Owen helped create "inSync," a section for teen readers that preceded the boy band of the same name (but slightly different spelling). Owen also wrote ''Gen X TV: The Brady Bunch to Melrose Place'' (Syracuse University Press, March 1997). The nonfiction book talks about shows that members of the Generation X age group grew up watching and the shows they watched in the 1990s. He was featured in the 2016 National Geographic Channel series "Generation X" as one of the experts interviewed on Gen X. He was also a talking head TV expert in CNN's "The Nineties" (2017).


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