Rob Overseer (born Robert George Howes, 7 August 1973) is an English DJ/ producer, born in
whose works have been included in soundtracks for '' Blade: Trinity'', '' The Animatrix'', ''Snatch (movie), Snatch'', ''Any Given Sunday'' and ''The Girl Next Door (2004 film), The Girl Next Door'', as well as video games like ''Gran Turismo 3,'' ''Edgar Torronteras` Extreme Biker,'' ''Need for Speed: Underground,'' ''SSX 3'', ''NFL Gameday 2004'', several Matchstick Productions ski films, ''Stuntman (video game), Stuntman'', Twin Caliber (Rage Software, 2002) which was used to promote his then new EP "Force Multiply" in game's manual, and ''Ridge Racer Unbounded''. His songs are also frequently used in TV television commercial, commercials such as "Hairdo" for Vodafone which featured his song ''Velocity Shift'' or the Endeavor television commercial, commercial for Mitsubishi, which featured "Horndog". Also, the MTV show ''Maui Fever'' features his single ''Horndog'' in the opening credits. Overseer also records with singer/songwriter Rachael Gray. They first worked together on the track "Sparks" which appeared on the Overseer album "Wreckage" on the Columbia label. Following the success of "Sparks", work began on a full album project under the name Kanute. Also, former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock used Rob's "Slayed" as his entrance theme on his last two fights. In addition, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua used this song as his entrance song for UFC 76 as well as Keith Jardine for UFC 89. On 27 September 2018, Howes announced a new album and change of name stating "Overseer is no more, I am now trading as FATLANTIC" on his personal Facebook page. Overseer's style is most frequently described as big beat.


''Wreckage (album), Wreckage'' was released in the US in 2003. The UK release of this album was plagued with many difficulties that led to a six-month delay in its release, prompting Rob to move to new management at the end of 2005.

2006 album

In 2006 Overseer was to make a second album. The album was expected to contain ''Skylight'', a track that featured on the '' Blade: Trinity'' soundtrack. It was later announced that the album had been "held up for a little while".
/ref> In a reply on his official Twitter, Overseer posted, in regards to a second Kanute album, and the future of Overseer : "Sorry I'm taking my sweet f'ing time, concentrating on Kanute album for next few months, then back to Overseer cheers x" This could maybe mean that the songs "Skylight", "Invincible Love" and "Hammerhead" may move to a newer album, much like Wreckage, which compiled Overseer tracks from the last 3–5 years they were created. On 27 September 2018, Howes announced a new album and change of name stating "Overseer is no more, I am now trading as FATLANTIC" on his personal Facebook page

As Overseer


*''The Zeptastic'' (1995 - Soundclash) *''Hit The Tarmac'' (1997 - Soundclash) *''Everything Louder Than Everything Else'' (2001 - Columbia Records, Columbia) *''Superconductor'' (2019 - Warner Chapell)


*''Wreckage (album), Wreckage'' (2003 - Columbia Records, Columbia)


*''Adam F. feat. MOP - "Stand Clear" (Overseer Retake)'' - (2002) *''Kaiser Chiefs - "I Predict a Riot" (Overseer Remix)'' - (2005) *''Overseer - "Slayed" (Kostas Petropoulos Mix) '' - (2005)

Compilation appearances

*''Mad Dash Racing'' (2001) - Stompbox, Insectocutor Dub *''The Tuxedo'' (2002) - Screw Up *'' The Animatrix OST'' (2003) - Supermoves (Animatrix remix) *'' Blade: Trinity OST'' (2004) - Skylight *''Need For Speed Underground'' - Supermoves, Doomsday *''TOCA Touring Car series'' - Supermoves *''SSX3'' - Screw Up *''Gran Turismo 3'' - Stompbox, Supermoves, Screw Up *''Shaun White Snowboarding'' - Stompbox *''Edgar Torronteras Extreme Biker'' - Stompbox, Velocity Shift *''Snatch (movie), ''Snatch'''' (2000) - Supermoves *''Any Given Sunday OST'' - Stompbox *''MotorStorm: Arctic Edge'' - Hammerhead *''Stuntman (video game), Stuntman'' - Basstrap, Velocity Shift *''Driver: San Francisco'' - Pump Action *''Twin Caliber'' (2002) - Supermoves (used as main menu theme). *''Ridge Racer Unbounded'' (2012) - Crash & Burn

As Kanute

*"Standing Room Only" (2010) - With Rachael Grey. *"Ursa Minor" (2014) - With Rachael Grey. *"Flotsam" (2018) - With Rachael Grey.

As Fatlantic

* "Offshore Breaks" (2018) * "Gettin Like That" (with Jordan Jane) (2019)


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