''Real Access in The N'' is an American entertainment news program and a spin-off of ''Access Hollywood''. It was created in partnership between NBC and Noggin LLC. Each episode is hosted by Lauren Mayhew and focuses on events related to television, film, and celebrities. The show was aimed at teenagers, and it was aired as part of Noggin's nighttime programming block for teens, The N. The show consists of two hour-long specials and 13 half-hour episodes. The first special premiered on Noggin on August 1, 2003, and an encore showing was played on Nickelodeon on August 24. The second special aired on Noggin on December 31, 2003, and the rest of the show aired regularly throughout 2004.


Noggin modeled the show after the format of ''Access Hollywood''. Each episode provides backstage glimpses into the lives of television and film celebrities. Viewers could interact with the show by posting questions on Noggin's The N website.



The show was filmed from Times Square in New York City. According to Noggin's former vice president, Kenny Miller, the producers of ''Access Hollywood'' approached Noggin with their idea to make a teen version of their series. In an interview for ''Variety'', Miller said, "They came and found us, and we loved their idea...we're going a little deeper than what you would normally get, even on ''Access Hollywood''."

Live tour

In December 2003, Noggin launched a live tour to promote the show, called the "Real Access Mall Tour," in malls across the United States. The tour was produced by Noggin LLC and the marketing firm Mr. Youth. It featured interactive components such as "The Real Access Studio," in which visitors could play the role of an on-air host by interviewing celebrity lookalikes in front of a live camera, and then review their performance on The N's website; and "The Pamper Room," where visitors and shoppers could receive a massage, have their hair coifed, or face made up. Shoppers could also answer celebrity trivia questions to win prizes based on ''Real Access in The N''.


Specials (2003)

Season 1 (2004)


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