RG, Rg or rg may refer to:


* Pete RG (fl. 1998–2015), an American singer-songwriter * Razor Ramon RG or Makoto Izubuchi (born 1974), a Japanese professional wrestler * RG Sharma (born 1987), an Indian international cricketer * RG Snyman (born 1995), South African rugby union player * RG (born 1995), Canadian rapper and founder of Friendly Neighbor Records


* RG postcode area, the postal address for the area of Reading and surrounding towns in England * Province of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy, vehicle registration prefix

Science and technology

Computing and telecommunications

* Radio Guide, used to specify Coaxial cables (including a list of RG cable types) * ReplayGain, a proposed standard for normalizing the perceived loudness of digital audio playback * ResearchGate, a social network for scientists and researchers


* RG-6 grenade launcher, a Russian weapon * RG-42, a Russian fragmentation grenade * armored vehicles designed by Land Systems OMC, South Africa (including a list of RG-type vehicles)

Other uses in science and technology

* RG, or Rail Gourmet, a food brand and a division of SSP Group * Radius of gyration, several related measures of the size of an object, a surface, or an ensemble of points * Reachability Graph, a formal verification technique * Renormalization group, in physics, a mathematical apparatus allowing investigation of a system at different size scales * RG color space, a color space ** rg chromaticity, a two-dimensional color space in which there is no intensity information * Rhamnogalacturonans, a type of pectin * Roentgenium, a chemical element with symbol Rg


* RG Heidelberg, a rugby union club from Heidelberg, Germany * Rhythmic gymnastics * Right guard, a position in American football

Other uses

* Direction centrale des renseignements généraux or ''Renseignements Généraux'', a defunct French interior intelligence agency * Ibanez RG, a series of electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki * r > g, an economics equation fundamental to ''Capital in the Twenty-First Century'' * Regional Gathering, an event hosted by local chapters of American Mensa * RG Financial Corporation, a financial holding company located in San Juan, Puerto Rico * RG Line, a Finnish shipping company * ''RG Veda'', a Japanese manga first published in 1989 * Röhm Gesellschaft or RG, a German brand of firearms (including a list of RG-type models) * Varig (1927-2006), Brazilian airline (IATA code RG)

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