Private or privates may refer to:


* "In Private", by Dusty Springfield from the 1990 album ''Reputation'' * Private (band), a Denmark-based band * "Private" (Ryōko Hirosue song), from the 1999 album ''Private'', written and also recorded by Ringo Sheena * "Private" (Vera Blue song), from the 2017 album ''Perennial''


* ''Private'' (novel), 2010 novel by James Patterson * ''Private'' (novel series), young-adult book series launched in 2006

Film and television

* ''Private'' (film), 2004 Italian film * ''Private'' (web series), 2009 web series based on the novel series * ''Privates'' (TV series), 2013 BBC One TV series * Private, a character in ''Madagascar''

Other uses

* Private (rank), a military rank * ''Privates'' (video game), 2010 video game * Private (rocket), American multistage rocket * Private Media Group, Swedish adult entertainment production and distribution company, or their flagship magazine, ''Private'' * Privates, or Intimate parts, a euphemism for human genitals

See also

* Privacy (disambiguation) * Private methods, a means of encapsulation in object-oriented programming * Private school * Private university * Privately held company * Private sector * Privatization {{disambiguation