Press commonly refers to: *Pressure, or the act of pressing *Printing press, commonly called "the press" *Print media, commonly called "the press" after the printing press Press may also refer to:


* Press (surname), a family name of English and Eastern European origin

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''Press'' (album), by MU330 * "Press" (Paul McCartney song) *"Press" (Cardi B song)

News agencies

* Associated Press, a global news network * United Press International

Other arts, entertainment, and media

* ''Press'' (film), a Turkish film * ''Press'' (newspaper), a newspaper in Serbia * News media, the section of the mass media industry that focuses on presenting current news to the public *The Xtremewood Press, a newspaper published in Gulu, Uganda * Press release * Press TV, the Iranian television network * ''Press'' (TV series), a 2018 BBC One/PBS TV series * Publisher, a company that produces or disseminates literature or information


Food preparation

* French press, a device for coffee preparation * Fruit press, a device used to separate fruit solids from juice * Garlic press, a kitchen utensil designed to crush garlic cloves * Ram press (food), a device used to extract juice or oil * Wine press, a device used to extract juice from crushed grapes during wine making

Other machines

* Machine press, a machine that shapes material * Printing press, a machine that transfers inked images onto a medium such as paper or cloth * RAM press, a machine that shapes clay * Trouser press, an electrical appliance used to smooth the wrinkles from a pair of trousers

Other uses

* Linen-press, a cabinet for storing textiles * PRESS statistic, a statistic in regression analysis * Pressing or ironing, the act of removing wrinkles from clothes * A term for a cupboard used in Scotland and Ireland

Sports and fitness

* Bench press * Full-court press, a tactic in basketball * Overhead press, the act of lifting a weight above the head

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