Press is a surname with two unrelated origins. In England and Wales, it derives from Priest or Price. In Eastern Europe (especially centered around Minsk), it is a Jewish name, likely derived from the Sephardic surname Peres (Perez, Peretz, Perutz). It also is a metonymic occupational surname that refers to the occupation of someone who ironed clothes, derived from the Yiddish "pres" or flat iron.


*Andrea L. Press (born 1955), American sociologist *Bill Press (born 1940), American talk radio host *Christen Press (born 1988), American soccer player *Frank Press (1924–2020), American geophysicist *Jacobi Press (fl. 1910), American clothier founder *James E. Press (born 1947), American automobile executive *Karen Press (born 1956), South African poet *Mikhail Press (1871–1938), Russian-American violinist and conductor *Natalie Press (born 1980), English actress *Sara L. Press (born 1974), American book artist *Tamara (1937–2021) and Irina (1939–2004) Press, Ukrainian athletes *Toby Orenstein née Press (born 1937), American theatrical director, producer, and educator *William J. Press (fl. 1908), British wrestler *William H. Press (born 1948), American astrophysicist *Yeshayahu Press (1874–1955), Israeli scientist

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*Peretz *Perutz *Perez *Peres *Price


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