"Press" is a song written and performed by American rapper Cardi B, released as a single on May 31, 2019. The single was self-written by Cardi B herself, and produced by Slade Da Monsta and Key Wane. It debuted and peaked at number 16 on the US ''Billboard'' Hot 100. The song has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The parental advisory-labeled music video, starring Cardi B as a rampage killer facing a trial, marked her directorial debut.


In December 2018, Cardi B posted a video to Instagram of her rapping part of the song. She later said that she was set to release it soon after, but decided to release the music video for "Money" instead. On May 27, 2019, Cardi B tweeted that the "single and official cover art drops this Friday 5/31". She shared the cover art of the single, which features her escorted out of a court room entirely naked by a group of men with paparazzi taking pictures of her.

Critical reception

"Press" received generally positive reviews from critics, with many noting the evolution of the rapper's attitude towards the media in the lyrics from previous songs such as "Bartier Cardi" and her featured verse on husband Offset's single "Clout"; ''NME'' called the song "defiant", while ''Billboard'' labelled her as "pressing on" amid "bad press, haters, beefs". ''Pitchfork'' praised Cardi being "now fully ready to take aim at any haters" while noting the deviation between "non-stop cut-downs" and "goofier boasts about her money and sexual prowess"; the magazine also stated that the rapper had "sharpened her rapping abilities to deadly effect" in the song.

Music video

Cardi B announced that the video for "Press" would be released in June 2019 on her Twitter. The video was then officially released on June 26, 2019 on her YouTube account. It was directed by Jora Frantzis and co-directed by Cardi. The parental advisory-marked music video has since received over 70 million views. The video opens with Cardi B's character shooting a male and a female after having a threesome. Accused of murder, she then is arrested and taken to an interrogation, where she challenges the officers. She is seen leading a choreographed routine with a crew of nude dancers. She killed a courtroom jury and the dancers. The clip closes with her angrily drowning her cell mate in the toilet.

Live performances

The first televised performance of "Press" was when Cardi B performed live at the 2019 BET Awards, along with a performance of "Clout" featuring her husband Offset. ''Entertainment Weekly'' named it "the top moment" of the night in their review article. BET ranked the esmerald attire as the best performance outfit since their first show in 2001. Introduced by Drake, Cardi B opened her set at the 2019 OVO Fest performing "Press".


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