Presidency of United Nations Security Council
رئاسة مجلس الأمن  (Arabic)
安理会主席  (Chinese)
Présidence du Conseil de sécurité  (French)
Председатель Совета Безопасности  (Russian)
Presidencia del Consejo de Seguridad  (Spanish)
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The Permanent Representative (ambassador) of the state to the security council is usually the president of the council,[11] but the presidency is technically given to a state and not a person.[15] For example, in January 2000, a month in which the United States held the presidency of the Security Council,[19] U.S. vice president Al Gore headed the United States delegation to the United Nations for a few days. As a result, Gore was the president of the Security Council during this time.[20] Heads of state have met six times at the UNSC.[21] All members of the council, including the president, must present credentials issued by either the head of state, the head of government, or the minister of foreign affairs of their respective states to the secretary-general, except if the representative is also the head of government or minister of

The president represents the Security Council before other United Nations organs and member states. They also call upon members to speak, send applicants for United Nations membership to a committee of the UNSC and decide voting order.[11] Particularly after the end of the Cold War, the president has worked to coordinate the UNSC with other organs.[12] The president has authority to rule upon points of order, which can be put to a vote if a member of the council challenges it.[10] They also name members of various subsidiary organs, and are generally responsible for maintaining order.[13] Since November 2000, the president has generally prepared background papers for on the topic being discussed.[14]

The president also continues to represent their state. If their nation is involved in a conflict the UNSC is discussing, they are expected to temporarily step down.[13] Conversely, because the presidency rotates monthly, all nations on the UNSC can evenly emphasize issues important to them.[15] Most non-permanent states hold the presidency once or twice during their two-year terms; Burkina Faso changed its name from Upper Volta in August 1984 during its term, and held it three times.[16] The president often makes a distinction between when they are speaking as the president and as the representative of their state.[17]

Davidson Nicol, an academic, writes that:

Although the role of the President should not be exaggerated, the work of the Council, its reputation and that of the United Nations are very much affected by the calibre and style of the individual who presides over the organ having responsibility for international peace and security. . . The Security Council is the pivot of the United Nations in efforts to maintain and enhance international peace and security. The major function of its President should be to guide it effectively and expeditiously toward this noble goal. [18]


The United Nations Charter mentions the presidency once,[23] stating that the Security Council is empowered to establish rules of procedure, "including the method of selecting its president" in Article 30.[24] At its first meeting on 17 January 1946, the UNSC adopted provisional rule 18 and established the following method of selecting the president: the presidency rotates monthly among the fifteen members of the Security Council. The rotation takes place in alphabetical order of the member states' official names in English.[a] As such, Australia was the first nation to hold the presidency.[25][26][11] Such rotation makes the presidency unique among all United Nations organs.[15] Terms began and ended on the 17 of every month until a suggestion by Australia in December 1946 to change led to the term being extended so the presidency would rotate on the first of every month. The president is the only non-elected head of a United Nations organ.[25][27]

FunctionIn 1981, Sydney D. Bailey, an observer of the United Nations, divided the history of the UNSC into three eras; from 1946 to 1955, 1956–1965, and 1966 to 1981. In the first, presidents often acted on their own initiative without consulting the security council. During the second era, the security council was less involved in affairs relating to the Cold War, adopting the slogan "Leave it to Dag [Hammarskjöld]". From 1966 to 1981, the president began informally discussing matters before holding formal sessions and generally becoming more efficient.[28]

Early function

Presidents from 1960 to 1964:[39]

Dates State Name
January 1960 Presidents from 1960 to 1964:[39]

Dates State Name
January 1960  Soviet Union Arkady Sobolev
February 1960  United Kingdom Pierson Dixon
March 1960  United States Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
April 1960  Argentina Mario Amadeo
May 1960  Sri Lanka Claude Corea
June 1960  Republic of China Tsiang Tingfu
July 1960  Ecuador José A. Correa
August 1960  France Armand Bérard
September 1960  Italy Egidio Ortona
October 1960  Poland Bohdan Lewandowski
November 1960  Tunisia Mongi Slim
December 1960  Soviet Union Valerian Zorin
January 1961  United Arab Republic Omar Loutfi
February 1961  United Kingdom Patrick Dean
March 1961  United States Adlai E. Stevenson
April 1961  Sri Lanka T. B. Subasinghe
May 1961  Chile Daniel Schweitzer
June 1961  Republic of China Tsiang Tingfu and Y. C. Hsueh
July 1961  Ecuador Leopoldo Benites
August 1961  France Armand Bérard
September 1961  Liberia Nathan Barnes
October 1961  Turkey Turgut Menemencioglu
November 1961  Soviet Union Valerian Zorin
December 1961  United Arab Republic Omar Loutfi
January 1962  United Kingdom Patrick Dean
February 1962  United States Adlai E. Stevenson and Francis T. P. Plimpton
March 1962  Venezuela Carlos Sosa-Rodriguez
April 1962  Chile Daniel Schweitzer
May 1962  Republic of China Tsiang Tingfu
June 1962  France Armand Bérard
July 1962  Ghana Alex Quaison-Sackey
August 1962  Ireland Frederick Boland
September 1962  Romania Mihail Haseganu
October 1962  Soviet Union Platon Morozov and Valerian Zorin
November 1962  United Arab Republic Mahmoud Riad
December 1962  United Kingdom Patrick Dean
January 1963  United States Adlai E. Stevenson
February 1963  Venezuela Carlos Sosa-Rodriguez
March 1963  Brazil Geraldo de Carvalho Silos
April 1963  Republic of China Liu Chieh
May 1963  France Roger Seydoux
June 1963  Ghana Alex Quaison-Sackey
July 1963  Morocco Ahmed Taibi Benhima
August 1963  Norway Sievert A. Nielsen
September 1963  Philippines Jacinto Castel Borja
October 1963  Soviet Union Nikolai Fedorenko
November 1963  United Kingdom Patrick Dean
December 1963  United States Adlai E. Stevenson, Charles Yost, and Francis T. P. Plimpton
January 1964  Bolivia Renan Castrillo Justiniano
February 1964  Brazil Carlos A. Bernardes
March 1964  Republic of China Liu Chieh
April 1964  Czechoslovakia Jiří Hájek
May 1964  France Roger Seydoux
June 1964  Ivory Coast Arsene A. Usher
July 1964  Morocco Ahmed Taibi Benhima
August 1964  Norway Sievert A. Nielsen
September 1964  Soviet Union Platon D. Morozov
October 1964  United Kingdom Patrick Dean
November 1964  United States Adlai E. Stevenson
December 1964  Bolivia Fernando Ortiz Sanz


Presidents from 1965 to 1969:[39]

Dates State Name
January 1965 [39]

Dates State Name
January 1965  Republic of China Liu Chieh
February 1965  France Roger Seydoux
March 1965  Ivory Coast Arsene Usher
April 1965  Jordan Abdul Monem Rifa'i
May 1965  Malaysia Radhakrishna Ramani
June 1965  Netherlands J. G. de Beus
July 1965  Soviet Union Platon Morozov
August 1965  United Kingdom Roger Jackling
September 1965  United States Arthur Goldberg
October 1965  Uruguay Hector Payssé Reyes
November 1965  Bolivia Fernando Ortiz Sanz
December 1965  Republic of China Liu Chieh
January 1966  France Roger Seydoux
February 1966  Japan Akira Matsui
March 1966  Jordan Muhammed El-Farra
April 1966  Mali Moussa Leo Keita
May 1966  Netherlands J. G. de Beus
June 1966  New Zealand Frank Corner
July 1966  Nigeria Simeon Adebo
August 1966  Uganda Apollo Kironde
September 1966  Soviet Union Nikolai Fedorenko
October 1966  United Kingdom Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon and Roger Jackling
November 1966  United States Arthur Goldberg
December 1966  Uruguay Pedro P. Berro
January 1967  Argentina Raúl Alberto Quijano
February 1967  Brazil José Sette Câmara
March 1967  Bulgaria Milko Tarabanov
April 1967  Canada George Ignatieff
May 1967  Republic of China Liu Chieh
June 1967  Denmark Hans Tabor
July 1967  Ethiopia Endelkachew Makonnen
August 1967  France Roger Seydoux
September 1967  India Gopalaswami Parthasarathi
October 1967  Japan Senjin Tsuruoka
November 1967  Mali Mamadou Boubacar Kante
December 1967  Nigeria Simeon Adebo
January 1968  Pakistan Agha Shahi
February 1968  Paraguay Miguel Solano Lopez
March 1968  Senegal Ousmane Socé
April 1968  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
May 1968  United Kingdom Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon
June 1968  United States Arthur Goldberg
July 1968  Algeria Tewfik Bouattoura
August 1968  Brazil João Augusto de Araújo Castro
September 1968  Canada George Ignatieff
October 1968  Republic of China Liu Chieh
November 1968  Denmark Otto L. Borch
December 1968  Ethiopia Endelkachew Makonnen
January 1969  Finland Max Jakobson
February 1969  France Armand Bérard
March 1969  Hungary Károly Csatorday
April 1969    Nepal Padma Bahadur Khatri
May 1969  Pakistan Agha Shahi
June 1969  Paraguay Miguel Solano Lopez
July 1969  Senegal Ibrahima Boye
August 1969  Spain Jaime de Piniés
September 1969  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
October 1969  United Kingdom Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon
November 1969  United States Charles Yost
December 1969  Zambia Vernon Mwaanga


Presidents from 1970 to 1974:[40]

Dates State Name
January 1970 [40]


Presidents from 1975 to 1979:[40]

Dates State Name
January 1970  Burundi Terence Nsanze
February 1970  Republic of China Liu Chieh
March 1970  Colombia Joaquín Vallejo Arbeláez
April 1970  Finland Max Jakobson
May 1970  France Jacques Kosciusco-Morizet
June 1970    Nepal Padma Bahadur Khatri
July 1970  Nicaragua Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa
August 1970  Poland Eugeniusz Kulaga
September 1970  Sierra Leone Davidson Nicol
October 1970  Spain Jaime de Piniés
November 1970 Iraq Syria George Tomeh
December 1970  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
January 1971  United Kingdom Colin Crowe
February 1971  United States Charles Woodruff Yost
March 1971  Argentina Carlos Ortiz de Rozas
April 1971  Belgium Edouard Longerstaey
May 1971  Burundi Terence Nsanze
June 1971  Republic of China Liu Chieh
July 1971  France Jacques Kosciusco-Morizet
August 1971  Italy Piero Vinci
September 1971  Japan Toru Nakagawa
October 1971  Nicaragua Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa
November 1971  Poland Eugeniusz Kulaga
December 1971  Sierra Leone Ismail Byne Taylor-Kamara
January 1972  Somalia Abdulrahim Abby Farah and Umar Arteh Ghalib
February 1972  Sudan Mansour Khalid, Rahmatalla Abdalla, and Mohammed Fakhreddine
March 1972  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
April 1972  United Kingdom Colin Crowe
May 1972  United States George H. W. Bush
June 1972  Yugoslavia Lazar Mojsov
July 1972  Argentina Carlos Ortiz de Rozas
August 1972  Belgium Edouard Longerstaey
September 1972  People's Republic of China Huang Hua
October 1972  France Louis de Guiringaud
November 1972  Guinea Jeanne-Martin Cissé
December 1972  India Samar Sen
January 1973  Indonesia Chaidir Anwar Sani
February 1973  Kenya Joseph Odero-Jowi
March 1973  Panama Aquilino Boyd, Omar Torrijos, and Juan Antonio Tack
April 1973  Peru Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
May 1973  Sudan Ramatalla Abdulla
June 1973  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
July 1973  United Kingdom Kenneth Jamieson and Colin Crowe
August 1973  United States John A. Scali
September 1973  Yugoslavia Lazar Mojsov
October 1973  Australia Laurence McIntyre
November 1973  Austria Peter Jankowitsch
December 1973  People's Republic of China Huang Hua
January 1974  Costa Rica Gonzalo J. Facio
February 1974  France Louis de Guiringaud
March 1974  Indonesia Chaidir Anwar Sani
April 1974  Iraq Talib Shabib
May 1974  Kenya Charles Gatere Maina
June 1974  Mauritania Moulaye El Hassen
July 1974  Peru Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
August 1974  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
September 1974  United Kingdom Ivor Richard
October 1974  United Republic of Cameroon Michel Njine
November 1974  United States John A. Scali
Dates State Name
January 1975 Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic Byelorussian SSR Guerodot G. Tchernouchtchenko
February 1975  People's Republic of China Huang Hua
March 1975  Costa Rica Gonzalo J. Facio and Fernando Salazar
April 1975  France Louis de Guiringaud
May 1975  Guyana Shridath Ramphal
June 1975  Iraq Abdul Karim Al-Shaikhly
July 1975  Italy Eugenio Plaja
August 1975  Japan Shizuo Saito
September 1975  Mauritania Moulaye El Hassen
October 1975  Sweden Olof Rydbeck
November 1975  Soviet Union Yakov Malik
1–15, 17–31 December 1975  United Kingdom Ivor Richard
16 December 1975  United Republic of Cameroon Ferdinand Oyono
January 1976  United Republic of Tanzania Salim Ahmed Salim
February 1976  United States Daniel Patrick Moynihan
March 1976  Benin Thomas S. Boya
April 1976  People's Republic of China Huang Hua
May 1976  France Louis de Guiringaud
June 1976  Guyana Rashleigh E. Jackson and Frederick R. Wills
July 1976  Italy Piero Vinci
August 1976  Japan Isao Abe
September 1976 Egypt Libya Mansour Rashid El-Kikhia
October 1976  Pakistan Iqbal A. Akhund
November 1976  Panama Jorge Illueca
December 1976  Romania Ion Datcu
January 1977  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
February 1977  United Kingdom James Murray
March 1977  United States Andrew Young
April 1977  Venezuela Simón Alberto Consalvi
May 1977  Benin Thomas S. Boya
June 1977  Canada William Hickson Barton
July 1977  People's Republic of China Chen Chu
August 1977  France Jacques Leprette
September 1977  Federal Republic of Germany Rüdiger von Wechmar
October 1977  India Rikhi Jaipal
November 1977  Libya Mansour Rashid El-Kikhia
December 1977  Mauritius Radha Krishna Ramphul and Harold E. Walter
January 1978  Nigeria Joseph Nanven Garba and Leslie O. Harriman
February 1978  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
March 1978  United Kingdom Ivor Richard
April 1978  United States Andrew Young
May 1978  Venezuela Ruben Carpio Castillo
June 1978  Bolivia Mario Rolon Anaya
July 1978  Canada William Hickson Barton
August 1978  People's Republic of China Chen Chu
September 1978  Czechoslovakia Ilya Hulinsky
October 1978  France Jacques Leprette
November 1978  Gabon Léon N'Dong
December 1978  Federal Republic of Germany Rüdiger von Wechmar
January 1979  Jamaica Donald O. Mills
February 1979  Kuwait Abdalla Y. Bishara
March 1979  Nigeria Leslie O. Harriman
April 1979  Norway Ole Ålgård
May 1979  Portugal Vasco Futscher Pereira
June 1979  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
July 1979  United Kingdom Ivor Richard
August 1979  United States Andrew Young
September 1979  Zambia Paul J. F. Lusaka
October 1979  Bangladesh Khwaja Mohammed

Presidents from 1980 to 1984:[41]

Dates State Name
January 1980  France Jacques Leprette
February 1980  German Democratic Republic Peter Florin
March 1980  Jamaica Donald O. Mills
April 1980  Mexico Porfirio Muñoz Ledo
May 1980  Niger Ide Oumarou
June 1980  Norway Ole Ålgård
July 1980  Philippines Carlos P. Romulo
August 1980  Portugal Vasco Futscher Pereira
September 1980  Tunisia Taieb Slim
October 1980  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
November 1980  United Kingdom Anthony Parsons
December 1980  United States Donald McHenry
January 1981  People's Republic of China Ling Qing
February 1981  France Jacques Leprette
March 1981  German Democratic Republic Peter Florin
April 1981  Ireland Noel Dorr
May 1981  Japan Masahiro Nisibori
June 1981  Mexico Porfirio Muñoz Ledo
July 1981  Niger Ide Oumarou
August 1981  Panama Jorge Illueca
September 1981  Philippines Carlos P. Romulo
October 1981  Spain Jaime de Piniés
November 1981  Tunisia Taieb Slim
December 1981  Uganda Olara Otunnu
January 1982  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
February 1982  United Kingdom Anthony Parsons
March 1982  United States Jeane Kirkpatrick
April 1982  Zaire Gérard Kamanda wa Kamanda
May 1982  People's Republic of China Ling Qing
June 1982  France Luc de la Barre de Nanteuil
July 1982  Guyana Noel G. Sinclair
August 1982  Ireland Noel Dorr
September 1982  Japan Masahiro Nisibori
October 1982  Jordan Hazem Nuseibeh
November 1982  Panama Carlos Ozores Typaldos
December 1982  Poland Wlodzimierz Natorf
January 1983  Togo Atsu-Koffi Amega
February 1983  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
March 1983  United Kingdom John Adam Thomson
April 1983  United States Jeane Kirkpatrick
May 1983  Zaire Umba di Lutete and Gérard Kamanda wa Kamanda
June 1983  Zimbabwe Elleck Mashingaidze
July 1983  People's Republic of China Ling Qing
August 1983  France Luc de la Barre de Nanteuil
September 1983  Guyana Noel G. Sinclair
October 1983  Jordan Abdullah Salah
November 1983  Malta Victor J. Gauci
December 1983  Netherlands Max van der Stoel
January 1984  Nicaragua Francisco Javier Chamorro Mora
February 1984  Pakistan S. Shah Nawaz
March 1984  Peru Javier Arias Stella
April 1984 Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Ukrainian SSR Volodymyr O. Kravets
May 1984  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
June 1984  United Kingdom John Adam Thomson
July 1984  United States Jeane Kirkpatrick
August 1984  Upper Volta Leandre Bassole
September 1984  Zimbabwe Elleck Mashingaidze
October 1984  Burkina Faso Basile Laerte Guissou and Leandre Bassole
November 1984  People's Republic of China Ling Qing
December 1984  Egypt Ahmed Tawfik Khalil


Presidents from 1985 to 1989:[41]

Dates State Name
January 1985  France Claude de Kemoularia
February 1985  India Natarajan Krishnan
March 1985  Madagascar Blaise Rabetafika
April 1985  Peru Javier Arias Stella
May 1985 [41]

Dates State Name
January 1985  France Claude de Kemoularia
February 1985  India Natarajan Krishnan
March 1985  Madagascar Blaise Rabetafika
April 1985  Peru Javier Arias Stella
May 1985  Thailand Birabhongse Kasemsri and Siddhi Savetsila
June 1985  Trinidad and Tobago Errol Mahabir and D. H. N. Alleyne
July 1985 Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Ukrainian SSR Hennadiy Udovenko
August 1985  Soviet Union Oleg Troyanovsky
September 1985  United Kingdom John Adam Thomson and Geoffrey Howe
October 1985  United States Herbert S. Okun and Vernon A. Walters
November 1985  Australia Richard Woolcott
December 1985  Burkina Faso Leandre Bassole
January 1986  People's Republic of China Luye Li
February 1986 Republic of the Congo People's Republic of the Congo Martin Adouki
March 1986  Denmark Ole Bierring
April 1986  France Claude de Kemoularia
May 1986  Ghana James Victor Gbeho
June 1986  Madagascar Blaise Rabetafika
July 1986  Thailand Birabhongse Kasemsri
August 1986  Trinidad and Tobago D. H. N. Alleyne
September 1986  Soviet Union Alexander Belonogov
October 1986  United Arab Emirates Mohammed Hussein Al Shaali
November 1986  United Kingdom John Adam Thomson
December 1986  United States Vernon A. Walters
January 1987  Venezuela Andres Aguilar
February 1987  Zambia Peter D. Zuze
March 1987  Argentina Marcelo Delpech
April 1987  Bulgaria Boris Tsvetkov
May 1987  People's Republic of China Jiahua Huang
June 1987 Republic of the Congo People's Republic of the Congo Martin Adouki
July 1987  France Jean-Bernard Raimond and Pierre-Louis Blanc
August 1987  Federal Republic of Germany Hans Werner Lautenschlager
September 1987  Ghana James Victor Gbeho
October 1987  Italy Maurizio Bucci
November 1987  Japan Kiyoaki Kikuchi
December 1987  Soviet Union Alexander Belonogov
January 1988  United Kingdom Crispin Tickell
February 1988  United States Herbert S. Okun and Vernon A. Walters
March 1988  Yugoslavia Dragoslav Pejic
April 1988  Zambia Peter D. Zuze
May 1988  Algeria Hocine Djoudi
June 1988  Argentina Marcelo Delpech
July 1988  Brazil Paulo Nogueira Batista
August 1988  People's Republic of China Li Luye
September 1988  France Pierre-Louis Blanc
October 1988  Federal Republic of Germany Alexander Graf York von Wartenburg
November 1988  Italy Mario Scialoja and Mr. G. Migliuolo
December 1988  Japan Mr. H. Kagami
January 1989  Malaysia Razali Ismail
February 1989    Nepal J. P. Rana
March 1989  Senegal A. C. Diallo
April 1989  Soviet Union Alexander Belonogov
May 1989  United Kingdom Crispin Tickell
June 1989  United States Thomas R. Pickering
July 1989  Yugoslavia Dragoslav Pejic
August 1989  Algeria Hocine Djoudi
September 1989  Brazil [42]

Dates State Name
January 1990  Côte d'Ivoire Amara Essy
February 1990  Cuba Ricardo Alarcón
March 1990 South Yemen People's Democratic Republic of Yemen Abdullah Saleh al-Ashtal
April 1990  Ethiopia Tesfaye Tadessa
May 1990  Finland Klaus Törnudd
June 1990  France Pierre-Louis Blanc
July 1990  Malaysia Razali Ismail
August 1990  Romania Aurel-Dragos Munteanu
September 1990  Soviet Union Yuli Mikhailovich Vorontsov and Eduard Shevardnadze
October 1990  United Kingdom David Hannay
November 1990  United States Thomas R. Pickering and James Baker
December 1990  Yemen Abdullah Saleh al-Ashtal
January 1991  Zaire Bagbeni Adeito Nzengeya
February 1991  Zimbabwe Simbarashe Mumbengegwi
March 1991  Austria Peter Hohenfellner
April 1991  Belgium Paul Noterdaeme
May 1991  People's Republic of China Li Daoyu
June 1991  Côte d'Ivoire Jean-Jacques Bechio
July 1991  Cuba Ricardo Alarcón
August 1991  Ecuador José Ayala Lasso
September 1991  France Jean-Bernard Mérimée and Roland Dumas
October 1991  India Chinmaya Rajaninath Gharekhan
November 1991  Romania Aurel-Dragos Munteanu
1–21 December 1991  Soviet Union Yuli Mikhailovich Vorontsov
21–31 December 1991  Russia
January 1992  United Kingdom David Hannay and John Major
February 1992  United States Thomas R. Pickering
March 1992  Venezuela Diego Arria
April 1992  Zimbabwe Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Stanislaus Garikai Chigwedere
May 1992  Austria Peter Hohenfellner
June 1992  Belgium Paul Noterdaeme
July 1992  Cape Verde José Luís de Jesus
August 1992  People's Republic of China Li Daoyu
September 1992  Ecuador José Ayala Lasso
October 1992  France Jean-Bernard Mérimée
November 1992  Hungary Andre Erdos
December 1992  India Chinmaya Rajaninath Gharekhan
January 1993  Japan Yoshio Hatano
February 1993  Morocco Ahmed Snoussi
March 1993  New Zealand Terence Christopher O'Brien and Donald Charles McKinnon
April 1993  Pakistan Jamsheed Marker
May 1993  Russia Yuli Mikhailovich Vorontsov
June 1993  Spain Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo
July 1993  United Kingdom David Hannay and Mr. —— Richardson
August 1993  United States Madeleine Albright
September 1993  Venezuela Adolfo Taylhardat
October 1993  Brazil Ronaldo Mota Sardenberg
November 1993  Cape Verde
 People's Republic of China
José Luís de Jesus
Li Zhaoxing
December 1993  People's Republic of China Li Zhaoxing
January 1994  Czech Republic Karel Kovanda
February 1994  Djibouti Roble Olhaye
March 1994  France Jean-Bernard Mérimée
April 1994  New Zealand Colin Keating and Donald Charles McKinnon
May 1994  Nigeria Ibrahim Gambari and Baba Gana Kingibe
June 1994  Oman Salim Bin Mohammed Al-Kussaiby
July 1994  Pakistan Jamsheed Marker
August 1994  Russia Yuli Mikhailovich Vorontsov
September 1994  Spain Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo and Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga
October 1994  United Kingdom David Hannay
November 1994  United States Madeleine Albright
December 1994  Rwanda Manzi Bakuramutsa


Presidents from 1995 to 1999:[42]

Dates State Name
January 1995 [42]

Dates State Name
January 1995  Argentina Emilio Cárdenas
February 1995  Botswana Joseph Legwaila and Mompati Merafhe
March 1995  People's Republic of China Li Zhaoxing and Xuexian Wang
April 1995  Czech Republic Karel Kovanda and Alexandr Vondra
May 1995  France Jean-Bernard Mérimée
June 1995  Germany Detlev Graf zu Rantzau
July 1995  Honduras Gerardo Martinez Blanco and Delmer Urbizio Panting
August 1995  Indonesia Nugroho Wisnumurti
September 1995  Italy Francesco Paolo Fulci and Susanna Agnelli
October 1995  Nigeria Ibrahim Gambari
November 1995  Oman Salim bin Mohammed Al-Khussaiby
December 1995  Russia Sergey Lavrov
January 1996  United Kingdom John Weston
February 1996  United States Madeleine Albright
March 1996  Botswana Joseph Legwaila
April 1996  Chile Juan Somavía
May 1996  People's Republic of China Huasun Qin
June 1996  Egypt Nabil Elaraby
July 1996  France Alain Dejammet
August 1996  Germany Antonius Eitel
September 1996  Guinea-Bissau Alfredo Lopes Cabral
October 1996  Honduras Delmer Urbizio Panting and Gerardo Martinez Blanco
November 1996  Indonesia Nugroho Wisnumurti
December 1996  Italy Francesco Paolo Fulci
January 1997  Japan Hisashi Owada
February 1997  Kenya Njuguna M. Mahugu
March 1997  Poland Zbigniew M. Włosowicz
April 1997  Portugal António Monteiro
May 1997  South Korea Park Soo Gil and Chong Ha Yoo
June 1997  Russia Sergey Lavrov
July 1997  Sweden Peter Osvald and Lena Hjelm-Wallén
August 1997  United Kingdom John Weston
September 1997  United States William B. Richardson and Madeleine Albright
October 1997  Chile Juan Somavía
November 1997  People's Republic of China Huasun Qin
December 1997  Costa Rica Fernando Berrocal Soto
January 1998  France Alain Dejammet
February 1998  Gabon Casimir Oyé-Mba and Denis Dangue Réwaka
March 1998  Gambia Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe and Abdoulie Momodou Sallah
April 1998  Japan Hisashi Owada
May 1998  Kenya Njuguna Mahugu and Bonaya Godana
June 1998  Portugal António Monteiro and Jaime Gama
July 1998  Russia Sergey Lavrov
August 1998  Slovenia Danilo Türk
September 1998  Sweden Lena Hjelm-Wallén and Hans Dalgren
October 1998  United Kingdom Jeremy Greenstock
November 1998  United States Peter Burleigh
December 1998  Bahrain Jassim Mohammed Buallay
January 1999  Brazil Celso Amorim
February 1999  Canada Robert R. Fowler and Lloyd Axworthy
March 1999  People's Republic of China Qin Huasun
April 1999  France Alain Dejammet
May 1999  Gabon Denis Dangue Réwaka
June 1999  Gambia Baboucarr-Blaise Jagne
July 1999  Malaysia Syed Hamid Albar and Agam Hasmy
August 1999  Namibia Martin Andjaba and Theo-Ben Gurirab
September 1999  Netherlands Peter van Walsum and Jozias van Aartsen
October 1999  Russia Sergey Lavrov
November 1999  Slovenia Danilo Türk and Boris Frlec
December 1999  United Kingdom Jeremy Greenstock and Peter Hain


Presidents from 2000 to 2004:[19]

Dates State Name
January 2000  United States Al Gore, Richard Holbrooke, and Madeleine Albright
February 2000  Argentina Arnoldo Manuel Listre and Adalberto Rodríguez Giavarini
March 2000 [19]

Dates State Name
January 2000  United States Al Gore, Richard Holbrooke, and Madeleine Albright
February 2000  Argentina Arnoldo Manuel Listre and Adalberto Rodríguez Giavarini
March 2000  Bangladesh Anwarul Karim Chowdhury and Abdus Samad Azad
April 2000  Canada Lloyd Axworthy and Robert Fowler
May 2000  People's Republic of China Wang Yingfan
June 2000  France Jean-David Levitte
July 2000  Jamaica Patricia Durrant and Paul Robertson
August 2000  Malaysia Agam Hasmy
September 2000  Mali Moctar Ouane and Alpha Oumar Konaré
October 2000  Namibia Martin Andjaba and Theo-Ben Gurirab
November 2000  Netherlands Peter van Walsum, Jozias van Aartsen, and Eveline Herfkens
December 2000  Russia Sergey Lavrov
January 2001  Singapore Kishore Mahbubani and S. Jayakumar
February 2001  Tunisia Said Ben Mustapha and Habib Ben Yahia
March 2001  Ukraine Valeriy P. Kuchinsky, Volodymyr Yelchenko, and Anatoliy Zlenko
April 2001  United Kingdom Jeremy Greenstock
May 2001  United States James B. Cunningham
June 2001  Bangladesh Anwarul Karim Chowdhury and Abdus Samad Azad
July 2001  People's Republic of China Wang Yingfan
August 2001  Colombia Guillermo Fernández de Soto and Alfonso Valdivieso Sarmiento
September 2001  France Jean-David Levitte
October 2001  Ireland Richard Ryan and Brian Cowen
November 2001  Jamaica Patricia Durrant, P. J. Patterson, and Keith D. Knight
December 2001  Mali Moctar Ouane
January 2002  Mauritius Jagdish Koonjul and Anil Gayan
February 2002  Mexico Adolfo Aguilar Zínser
March 2002  Norway Ole Peter Kolby and Jan Petersen
April 2002  Russia Sergey Lavrov
May 2002  Singapore Kishore Mahbubani and S. Jayakumar
June 2002  Syria Mikhail Wehbe and Farouk al-Sharaa
July 2002  United Kingdom Jeremy Greenstock and Valerie Amos
August 2002  United States John Negroponte and James B. Cunningham
September 2002  Bulgaria Solomon Passy, Stefan Tafrov, Georgi Parvanov, and Rayko Strahilov Raytchev
October 2002  Cameroon Martin Belinga Eboutou
November 2002  People's Republic of China Zhang Yishan and Wang Yingfan
December 2002  Colombia Alfonso Valdivieso Sarmiento and Carolina Barco
January 2003  France Jean-Marc de La Sablière and Dominique de Villepin
February 2003  Germany Gunter Pleuger and Joschka Fischer
March 2003  Guinea François Lonseny Fall and Mamady Traore
April 2003  Mexico Adolfo Aguilar Zínser and Luis Ernesto Derbez
May 2003  Pakistan Munir Akram and Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri
June 2003  Russia Sergey Lavrov
July 2003  Spain Inocencio Arias, Ana Menendez, and Ana Palacio
August 2003  Syria Mikhail Wehbe and Faisal Meqdad
September 2003  United Kingdom Emyr Jones Parry and Jack Straw
October 2003  United States John Negroponte and James B. Cunningham
November 2003  Angola Gaspar Martins
December 2003  Bulgaria Stefan Tafrov and Solomon Passy
January 2004  Chile Heraldo Muñoz and Soledad Alvear
February 2004  People's Republic of China Wang Guangya
March 2004  France Jean-Marc de La Sablière and Pierre-André Wiltzer
April 2004  Germany Gunter Pleuger and Kerstin Müller
May 2004  Pakistan Munir Akram and Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri
June 2004  Philippines Lauro L. Baja, Jr. and Delia Domingo-Albert
July 2004  Romania Mihnea Motoc, Adrian Năstase, and Mircea Geoană
August 2004  Russia Andrey Denisov
September 2004  Spain Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo and Miguel Ángel Moratinos
October 2004  United Kingdom Emyr Jones Parry, Bill Rammell, and