Paramount may refer to:

Entertainment and music companies

* Paramount Pictures, an American film studio and a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. The following companies are historically linked not necessarily by current ownership. **Paramount+, an American streaming video service formerly known as CBS All Access **Paramount Communications, a company known as Gulf and Western Industries until 1989 **Paramount Home Entertainment, a division of Paramount Pictures for home video distribution founded in 1976 **Paramount Network, a current cable network previously called TNN and Spike TV **Paramount Parks, a former subsidiary chain of theme parks **Paramount Records (1969), a defunct record label subsidiary **Paramount Television Studios, the current incarnation of Paramount Television, 2013–present **Paramount Television (original), the original incarnation of Paramount Television, active 1967–2006 **Paramount Television Network, a defunct TV network founded in the late 1940s **Paramount Television Service, a planned, but aborted, commercial television network from the late 1970s **Paramount Vantage, a specialty film division of Paramount Pictures founded (as Paramount Classics) in 1998 **Paramount Animation, an animation studio and division of Paramount Pictures founded in 2011 **Paramount Players, a contemporary film division of Paramount Pictures founded in 2017 ** United Paramount Network (UPN), a defunct American television network in existence from 1995 to 2006 **United Paramount Theatres, a defunct movie theater chain

Other companies

*Paramount Resources, a Canadian petroleum company *Paramount Group, a South African defense company


*Paramount Airways, an airline based in Chennai, India *Paramount Cars, a specialist British car maker active between 1950 and 1956 *Schwinn Paramount, a high-end racing bicycle

Other uses

*Paramount, California, U.S., a city in Los Angeles County *The Paramount at Buckhead, a residential skyscraper in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. *Paramount chief, the highest-level political leader in a region or country *Paramount leader, the highest leader in the People's Republic of China *Lord paramount, a lord who held his fief from no superior suthority *Paramount, a difficulty level in ''Dance Dance Revolution'' *Paramount interests, interests that are not guaranteed under Torrens title system of property law

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