Olle Romö is a Swedish music producer, songwriter, and drummer. Romo rehearsed with Swedish progressive rock group Kaipa in early 1982, however he left the group after a few weeks to join Eurythmics, and he was a drummer for them from the mid-to-late 1980s. He also worked on onetime Eurythmic Dave Stewart's solo albums in the 1990s and was a part of Stewart's Vegas project with Terry Hall. During his career he has been a programmer for producers such as Robert John "Mutt" Lange; on albums including Shania Twain's ''Come on Over'' and Bryan Adams' ''18 til I Die''. His writing credits include co-writing 'Runaway Train', performed by Elton John and Eric Clapton. His production credits include Tara Blaise's ''Dancing on Tables Barefoot'' and ''Great Escape'', The Corrs' ''Borrowed Heaven'' and David Charvet's ''Leap of Faith'' amongst others.


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