''O'Grady'' is an American animated television series created by Tom Snyder, Carl W. Adams, and Holly Schlesinger for Noggin's teen-oriented programming block, The N. The show was animated at Snyder's Soup2Nuts studio. It features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Patrice O'Neal, and Holly Schlesinger playing a group of four teenagers living in the town of O'Grady. In each episode, the characters experience a different supernatural phenomenon while also facing ordinary high school challenges.


The series is set in the fictional town of O'Grady, which is periodically plagued by a force called "The Weirdness." The Weirdness affects its residents in strange ways, and its effects usually last for several days. For example, it causes people to project their private thoughts in bubbles over their heads, or produce clones of themselves every time they get angry. The focal characters of the show are four students of O'Grady High: Kevin, Abby, Harold, and Beth.


Main characters

* Kevin Harnisch (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is a slacking teenager who never wants to do hard work. He likes to find ways to use the Weirdness for his own gain. He is in a band with Harold and Iris, but the band has never progressed past a few shows. He has a crush on Abby but would never admit it. * Abby Wilde (voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky) is a fashion-oriented average teenager. She attempts to improve her life around her by trying to "help" Beth’s employer gain business by selling non-eco or vegan friendly items in a local health food store. Abby and Kevin have feelings for each other, as shown in many episodes. Abby's longtime love interest is Pete Klesko, but she never manages to make him feel the same way. * Harold Oscar Jenkins (voiced by Patrice O'Neal) is Kevin's best friend who works at Eets-A-Pizza. He can be a little nerdy and often is uncomfortable with Kevin's various schemes. He is genuinely kindhearted and good-spirited, and he likes hanging around with Kevin because he sees the good in him. * Beth Briggs (voiced by Holly Schlesinger) is a blue-haired environmentalist vegetarian, portrayed as a concerned hippie with big ideas. She is Abby's best friend and is usually shown to be the opposite of Kevin. She has good intentions but is naive. She tends to believe anything she hears and always manages to change the story if she retells it.

Supporting characters

* Phillip Demorio (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is the smartest student at O'Grady High. He is nerdy, wealthy, and is almost always seen wearing a tie. He speaks very aristocratically in a British accent. Although Kevin tends to make fun of him when they hang around, Phillip is shown to be very self-confident and enjoys showing off his dancing skills. * Iris (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is a neurotic German exchange student and a devoted fan of techno music. She is part of Kevin and Harold's band. She speaks with an accent, is obsessed with chocolate, and often misunderstands what others are saying to her. She sometimes speaks entire sentences in German. * Pete Klesko (voiced by Larry Murphy) is the most popular student in school. He plays on the lacrosse team, and Abby has had a crush on him for a long time, despite him not being able to remember her name. He has a very dull personality but is still nice. * Donald Alan Lipschitz (voiced by Larry Murphy) is a monotone-speaking substitute teacher. He says "Oh, Lord" frequently whenever something bad happens. He also seems to suffer a reverse effect to every Weirdness. He has to teach classes whenever the staff become victims to the Weirdness and is often teaching every class the main characters attend. * Dr. Myers (voiced by Bill Braudis) is the school principal. He has braces and is balding. He is not very intelligent or skilled at running the school. He and Mr. Lipschitz have a somewhat unnatural friendship, with both being a little annoyed of the other.

Additional voices

* Alonzo Bodden * Amy Poehler * Conan O'Brien * Dannah Feinglass Phirman * David Cross * Dina Pearlman * Jon Glaser * Mark Rivers * Matt Walsh * Paula Plum * Rachel Dratch * Rob Corddry * Sam Seder * Sirena Irwin * Todd Barry * Tom Kenny * Will Arnett

Series overview


Season 1 (2004–05)

Season 2 (2006)

Critical reception

The series received positive reviews from critics and was nominated for an Annie Award for "Best Writing in an Animated Television Production". Brian Zoromski of ''IGN'' claims it as "A wonderful half-hour of absurdity, ''O'Grady'' combines the comedy of the "weirdness" with realistic teenage banter, squabbles, and friendships."


The series aired on Noggin in the US as part of the channel's nighttime programming block for teenagers, The N. It aired on MTV in Latin America, Nickelodeon in the United Kingdom, Family Channel in Canada, and 2×2 in Russia. Home releases Although ''O'Grady'' has never been released on DVD, some episodes are available for purchase through iTunes. It was available on Amazon Video. In 2013, TeenNick aired reruns of the show. And in 2014, Nick released "Best of O'Grady" in iTunes.


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