Minority Report may refer to: * A committee report written by one or more members of a committee to officially state a position counter to the committee's majority, i.e., a dissenting opinion * Minority report (Poor Law), published by the UK Royal Commission on the Poor Laws and Relief of Distress 1905–09 * "Minority Report", a 1949 science fiction short story by Theodore Sturgeon * "The Minority Report", a 1956 science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick ** ''The Minority Report'' (1991 collection), a 1991 collection of stories by Philip K. Dick ** ''Minority Report'' (2002 collection), a 2002 collection of stories by Philip K. Dick ** ''Minority Report'' (film), a 2002 film loosely adapted from Dick's short story *** ''Minority Report'' (TV series), a 2015 American television series on FOX that serves as a sequel adaptation of the novel and 2002 film ** ''Minority Report: Everybody Runs'', a video game based on the film * ''Minority Report'', a 1956 book by H. L. Mencken * "Minority Report", a 2006 single by Jay-Z from the album ''Kingdom Come'' * ''The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore'', the working title of the Comedy Central late night talk show ''The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore'' * "The Minority Report: An Introduction to Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Relations" is a Sociology book by A. Gary Dworkin and Rosalind J. Dworkin, third edition published in 1999. {{disambiguation