Lower Wick is a small
hamlet ''The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark'', often shortened to ''Hamlet'' (), is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare sometime between 1599 and 1601. It is Shakespeare's longest play, with 29,551 words. Set in Denmark Denmark ...
located in the county of
Gloucestershire Gloucestershire ( abbreviated Glos) (Welsh language, Welsh: Swydd Gaerloyw) is a Counties of England, county in South West England. The county comprises part of the Cotswold Hills, part of the flat fertile valley of the River Severn, and the ...
, England. It is situated about five miles south west of Dursley, eighteen miles southwest of Gloucester and fifteen miles northeast of
Bristol Bristol () is a City status in the United Kingdom, city and Ceremonial counties of England, ceremonial county in England. With a population of 463,400, it is the most populous city in South West England. The wider Bristol Built-up Area, Bristo ...

. Lower Wick is within the
civil parish In England, a civil parish is a type of administrative parish used for local government. It is a territorial designation which is the lowest tier of local government below districts and counties, or their combined form, the unitary authorit ...
of Alkington. The hamlet contains approximately 17 homes (including the old school house, now converted into a dwelling) and a restaurant. Most of the older properties were built by the Berkeley family who once owned much of the land. One of the farms in the hamlet still has a working wind pump in use today which is over one hundred years old.


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