LocalBTV is an internet television service based in the Silicon Valley and owned by Didja. The service allows subscribers to view live and DVR recorded streams of over-the-air television on Internet-connected devices.


Similar in concept to Locast and the defunct Aereo service, LocalBTV offers local channels via streaming. However, LocalBTV has indicated they will only carry local channels that permit them to do so, thus avoiding the legal issues Aereo had, and more recently, Locast. LocalBTV's target customers are viewers who cannot receive local antenna reception, or their cable, satellite, or streaming service does not carry the local broadcast channel they would like to watch.


LocalBTV services are currently available in six television markets: Los Angeles (SoCalBTV), Phoenix (PhoenixBTV), San Francisco (BayAreaBTV), Philadelphia (PhillyBTV), San Diego (SanDiegoBTV) and New York City (NYCBTV). As of July 2020, none of the major networks are carried, but they are hoping to carry them later. Many of the channels that LocalBTV currently carries are subchannels such as Antenna TV, Buzzr, Cozi TV, and getTV as well as bilingual channels. Also included with the app for the service is a program guide and cloud DVR service.

Supported devices

Currently, the service is supported on various platforms such as laptops, smartphones, as well as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku streaming devices, including additional integration with Android TV's Live Channels app.

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