''Kavijanasrayam'', also referred to as ''KavijanaaSrayam'' ''Kavijanaasrayamu'' and ''Kavijanaashrayam'', a Jain Literature, is considered by scholars to be the earliest work detailing Telugu prosody, that is, how the basic rhythm of verses in Telugu poetry is structured. The work was authored by Malliya Rechana, a Telugu language poet and writer, who lived around 940 CE in the present-day Vemulawada, Telangana region of India. While there are differing opinions on the exact year when the book was written, ''Kavijanasrayam'' is estimated to have been written in the first half of the 10th century (between 900-950 CE). This is the oldest surviving piece of Telugu literatureand was the reference for many next generation poets. It is divided into five chapters. British scholar Charles Philip Brown wrote an English book on Telugu prosodic techniques based on ''Kavijanasrayam''.


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