John is a common English name and surname: * John (given name) * John (surname), including a list of people who have the name John John may also refer to:

New Testament


*Johannine literature ** Gospel of John, a title often shortened to John ** Johannine epistles ***First Epistle of John, often shortened to 1 John ***Second Epistle of John, often shortened to 2 John ***Third Epistle of John, often shortened to 3 John **Book of Revelation, the Revelation of Saint John the Divine


*John the Baptist (died c. 30  AD), regarded as a prophet and the forerunner of Jesus Christ *Authorship of the Johannine works of the New Testament, sometimes identified as: **John the Apostle (lived c. 30  AD), one of the twelve apostles of Jesus **John the Evangelist, assigned author of the Fourth Gospel, once identified with the Apostle **John of Patmos, also known as John the Divine or John the Revelator, the author of the Book of Revelation, once identified with the Apostle **John the Presbyter, a figure either identified with or distinguished from the Apostle, the Evangelist and John of Patmos

Other people with the given name

Religious figures

*John, Father of Andrew the Apostle and Saint Peter * John of Antioch (chronicler), a chronicler of the 7th century *Pope John, several popes *Saint John, many people

Rulers and other political figures

*John of Austria (disambiguation) *John of Bohemia (1296–1346), called John the Blind, king from 1310 *John of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, better known as Hans of Denmark (1455–1513) *John of England (1166–1216), king and younger brother of Richard I *John I of Hungary or János Szapolyai (1487–1540), king from 1526 *John of Poland (disambiguation), three people *John of Scotland also known as John de Balliol (c. 1249–1314), king from 1292 to 1296 *Infante John, Duke of Valencia de Campos (1349–1397) *John, Lord of Reguengos de Monsaraz (1400–1442) *Infante John of Coimbra, Prince of Antioch (1431–1457) *Infante John, Duke of Viseu (1448–1472), 3rd Duke of Viseu, 2nd Duke of Beja, King Manuel I's older brother *John the Scythian, a general and politician of the Eastern Roman Empire, consul in 498 *John the Hunchback, a general and politician of the Eastern Roman Empire, consul in 499 *John (nephew of Vitalian), a Byzantine general under Justinian I *John Troglita, a 6th-century Byzantine general *John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (1340–1399), third son of Edward III, King of England *Prince John of the United Kingdom (1905–1919), prince of the United Kingdom, youngest son/child of George V

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional characters

* John (''Tomorrow People''), appearing in the children's science-fiction TV series ''The Tomorrow People'' * John (John and Gillian), appearing in the ''Doctor Who'' TV comic strip * John-117, or Master Chief, the protagonist of the video game franchise ''Halo''


* ''John'', a 1927 play by Philip Barry * ''JOHN'', a 2014 play by Lloyd Newson * ''John'' (2005 book), a book by Cynthia Lennon about musician John Lennon * Dear John letter, a letter written to inform a romantic partner that the writer has found a new love interest


* "John" (Desireless song) * "John" (Lil Wayne song)

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* ''Dirty John'', a true-crime podcast focusing on the life and exploits of John Meehan (also known as "Filthy John" and "Filthy") ** ''Dirty John'' (TV series), a TV series based on the podcast * John Boy and Billy, John Isley (born August 15, 1956) and Billy James (born August 31, 1957), co-hosts of the morning radio program, ''The John Boy & Billy Big Show''

Other uses

* Slang for a person who hires a prostitute * Slang for a toilet * John Peaks, mountains on Powell Island, Antarctica * John the Ripper, password strength checking program (the executable program is simply "john") * Tropical Storm John (disambiguation), tropical cyclones appearing in the eastern Pacific Ocean

See also

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