Ivor is an English masculine given name derived from the Welsh ''Ifor'' and ''Ibar'' meaning ''Archer'' or ''Yew''; probably as Yew wood was commonly used to make Longbow, bows. It is unknown if it is related to Old Norse ''Ívarr'' (modern Scandinavian Ivar) however both share similar etymologies as the Norse is derived from the Old Norse elements ''ýr'' (yew, bow) and ''herr'' (warrior, army): hence, ''"archer, bow warrior."'' It is possible the old Norse name ''Ívarr'' comes from the Celtic root and may be related to the Celtic root of ''-iv'' which is found in ''St.Ives''The Oxford Dictionary of Christian Names (1947) by E. G. Withycombe for example, itself possibly referring to Yew. This could indicate an earlier shared language origin; potentially through Indo-European, previous contact or another source. Some of the earliest known bearers of the name are Ibar of Beggerin, an Irish saint who may have preceded or being contemporary of St.Patrick and probably died in the 500's. Ivar the Boneless who was a Viking and possibly the ''Ímair'' attested to in Irish and Scottish annals; he lived in the 800's and Ifor Bach, a Welsh leader of the 1100's, is another historical namesake.



Íbar of Killibar Beg, an early Irish saint. Unknown if related to Ibar of Beggerin.


* Ivor Grattan-Guinness, British historian of mathematics and logic *Ivor van Heerden, South African born American meteorologist

Arts and entertainment

* Ivor Barnard (1887–1953), English actor * Ivor Casey (born 1983), Irish writer * Ivor Cutler (1923–2006), Scottish poet, songwriter and humorist * Iva Davies, lead singer of Icehouse (band), Icehouse * Ivor Davies (artist) (born 1935), Welsh painter * Ivor Darreg (1917–1994), American composer * Ivor Dean (1917–1974), British actor * Ivor Dennis (1932-2018), Sri Lankan Sinhala playback vocalist * Ivor Emmanuel (1927–2007), British opera singer * Ivor Francis (1918–1986), Canadian-born American actor * Ivor Gurney (1890–1937), English composer and poet * Ivor Hele (1912–1993), Australian painter * Ivor James (1882–1963), British cellist * Ivor Mairants (1908–1998), British-Polish guitarist * Ivor Novello (1893–1951), Welsh entertainer * Ivor Roberts (actor) (1925–1999), British actor and television presenter * Ivor Wood (1932–2004), British stop-motion animator * Ivor Biggun, stage name of British musician Doc Cox


* Lord Ivor Spencer-Churchill (1898–1956), British art collector

Politicians and diplomats

* Ivor Callely (born 1958), Irish politician * Ivor Caplin (born 1958), British politician * Ivor Guest, 1st Viscount Wimborne (1873–1939), British politician * Ivor Guest, 1st Baron Wimborne (1835–1914), Welsh industrialist, father of the above * Ivor Richard, Baron Richard (born 1932), British politician * Ivor Roberts (diplomat) (born 1946), British diplomat


* Ivor Allchurch (1929–1997), Wales international footballer * Ivan Ivor Broadis (1922–2019), England international footballer * Ivor Bueb (1923–1959), British Formula One driver * Ivor Jones (1901–1982), Welsh rugby union player * Ivor McIvor (1917–1997), Australian rules footballer and captain-coach

Fictional characters

* the title character of ''Ivor the Engine'', an animated British TV series * one of the characters in the Who song "A Quick One, While He's Away" * one of the title characters of ''Ivor Lott and Tony Broke'', a British comic strip * a main character in the video game ''Minecraft Story Mode'' * a character in the comedy duo act Damo and Ivor


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