International is an adjective (also used as a noun) meaning "between nations". International may also refer to:



* ''International'' (Kevin Michael album), 2011 * ''International'' (New Order album), 2002 * ''International'' (The Three Degrees album), 1975


* "International" (Chase & Status song), 2014 * "International", by Adventures in Stereo from ''Monomania'', 2000 * "International", by Brass Construction from ''Renegades'', 1984 * "International", by Thomas Leer from ''The Scale of Ten'', 1985 * "International", by McGuinness Flint from ''McGuinness Flint'', 1970 * "International", by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark from ''Dazzle Ships'', 1983 * "International (Serious)", by Estelle from ''All of Me'', 2012


* Political international * First International (1864–1876), known as the International Workingmen's Association, founded in London in 1864 * Second International (1889–1916), founded after the expulsion of Anarchists from the First International, and a direct ancestor of the Socialist International * Third International (1919–1943), known as the Communist International or Comintern, founded by Vladimir Lenin * Fourth International (1938-), founded by Leon Trotsky in opposition to the corruption of the Comintern by Stalinism * Socialist International (1951-), founded as the Labour and Socialist International (1919–1940), and refounded as the Socialist International in 1951 * Fifth International, a widely mooted but never established successor to the previous Internationals * Liberal International, the political international federation for liberal political parties * Centrist Democrat International, the Christian Democrat International * Democratic International, a 1985 meeting of anti-Communist rebels held at the headquarters of UNITA in Jamba, Angola * Resistance International, an international anti-communist organisation that existed between 1983 and 1988 * Pirate Parties International, a not-for-profit international non-governmental organisation


* International sport * Cap (sport), a player's appearance in a game at international level * WTA International tournaments, tournaments of the Women's Tennis Association * International FK, a former name of Molde FK, Norwegian association football club * A former name of the Scottish Open (snooker), a professional snooker tournament


* International, a brand of trucks and diesel engines manufactured by Navistar International, formerly International Harvester * ''Damascus-Amman International Train,'' colloquially referred to as ''International Train,'' an international train between Damascus, Syria and Amman, Jordan * ''International'' (GN train), a Great Northern Railway service between Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington * ''International Limited'', an Amtrak service also known as the ''International,'' between Chicago, Illinois and Toronto, Ontario * ''International'' (HBC vessel), operated by the HBC from 1867-1871, see Hudson's Bay Company vessels

Other uses

* International Paint, a brand of the AkzoNobel business unit Marine and Protective Coating * International, California, former name of Walkermine, California

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