The Industries Mécaniques Maghrébines S.A. (IMM) are a Tunisian car manufacturer headquartered in the city of Kairouan. The company was founded in 1982 and closed for the first time in 1988; the plant was reopened in 1991. Since then, the manufacturer has formed subsidiaries to distribute its vehicles in Carthage, Tunis and Oued Smar, Algeria. The company is a joint-venture between the General Motors Company (20 per cent), Isuzu Motors Ltd. (10 per cent) and the locomotive builder General Motors du Tunisie S.A. (70 per cent). The latter provides the staff for the company. In January 2008, it was announced that the Algerian subsidiary will be converted for the assembly of vehicles. The new IMM plant will assemble up to 25,000 units a year. In Kairouan, the IMM is manufacturing up to 4,000 units a year. The vehicles will be marketed alongside the two local markets in Gibraltar, Morocco, Mauritania and Libya. The IMM is responsible for the supply of the markets of the Maghreb region and the Arab Maghreb Union. Special attention was given to the vehicles of the IMM in the 2011 Libyan civil war when Gaddafi's henchmen used them to attack their own cities to spread fear and terror. Currently the IMM is the only Tunisian car manufacturer besides Wallyscar. However, in Algeria SOVAC (VW), Elsecom Motors (Ford) and the RPA (Renault) are serious competitors.

Current models

File:2000-2006 Mazda Tribute 01.jpg|Mazda Tribute
CKD assembly File:Isuzu D-MAX AMI2008.jpg|Isuzu D-Max

Former models

File:Isuzu Fargovan 1991.jpg|Isuzu Midi
1983-1988 File:Isuzu TF Pickup 02.jpg|Isuzu Rodeo
1983-1988 File:Isuzu TF pickup Euro specification.jpg|Isuzu Rodeo
1991-1995 File:Isuzu TF Spacecab.jpg|Isuzu Rodeo
1995-2002 File:Isuzu Amigo.jpg|Isuzu Amigo
CKD assembly File:Isuzu D-Max (first generation) (front), Serdang.jpg|Isuzu D-Max


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