''Hedbergia'' is a monotypic Genus (biology), genus of flowering plants, initially classified in Scrophulariaceae, and now within the broomrape family Orobanchaceae. It contains a unique Species (biology), species, ''Hedbergia abyssinica''. It is an afromontane genus, widespread in grasslands and scrubs of the mountains of tropical Africa, and known from Ethiopia, Zaire, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, and Cameroons. The genus name is a Patronym (taxonomy)#Naming process, taxonomic patronym honoring the Swedish botanist Karl Olov Hedberg.


''Hedbergia abyssinica'' is a high, very hispid perennial plant, with subsessile thick leaves, and densely crowded, white to pink or magenta flowers.


The phylogeny of the genera of Rhinantheae has been explored using molecular characters. ''Hedbergia'' belongs to the core Rhinantheae. ''Hedbergia'' is closely related to ''Odontites'', ''Bellardia trixago, Bellardia'', and ''Tozzia''. In turn, these genera share phylogenetic affinities with ''Euphrasia'', and then with ''Bartsia''.


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