Hit means to strike someone or something. Hit or HIT may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment and media

Fictional entities

* Hit, a fictional character from ''Dragon Ball Super'' * Homicide International Trust, or HIT, a fictional organization in ''MacGyver''

Film and television

* ''H.I.T'' (TV series), a South Korean drama miniseries * HIT Entertainment, a British production company * ''Hit!'', a 1973 crime film * TV HIT, a Bosnian television channel * ''HIT: The First Case'', a Telugu-language film


* Hit song, a recorded song that becomes popular or commercially successful * ''Hit'' (album), by Peter Gabriel * "Hit" (The Sugarcubes song), a single by The Sugarcubes from their 1992 album ''Stick Around for Joy'' * "Hit", a song by Guided by Voices from the 1995 album ''Alien Lanes'' * "Hit", a song by The Wannadies from the 1997 album ''Bagsy Me'' * Hit Records (Croatia), a Croatian record label * Hit Records, a defunct American record company


* Hit FM (disambiguation) * Hit Network, an Australian radio network

Brands and enterprises

* Hit (drink), a Venezuelan carbonated soft drink * Hitachi, Ltd., a Japanese multinational conglomerate * Hongkong International Terminals Ltd. * Heavy Industries Taxila, a military complex in Pakistan


* Hit (internet), a single request for a file from a web server * an intersection of the cursor and graphic object during hit-testing in computer graphics * Human Intelligence Task, an Amazon Mechanical Turk task


* Hanze Institute of Technology, in the Netherlands * Harare Institute of Technology, in Zimbabwe * Harbin Institute of Technology, in China * Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, in India * Holon Institute of Technology, in Israel


* Hit (pronoun), Old English, third-person singular neuter accusative, "it" in modern English * Hit, slang for contract killing * Hittite language


* Hit, Qasr-e Qand, a village in Iran * Hit, Iraq, a town ** Hit District, a district centered on the town * Hit, Syria

Science and medicine

* Health information technology * Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia * Herd immunity threshold; see herd immunity ยง Mechanism * Hibernation induction trigger


* Hit (baseball) or base hit * High intensity training

See also

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