Fool, The Fool, or Fools may refer to:

Arts, entertainment and media

Fictional characters

* Fool (stock character) in literature and folklore * Shakespearean fool, an archetypal character in numerous works by Shakespeare * The Fool (fictional character), a fictional character in ''The Realm of the Elderlings'' by Robin Hobb


* ''A Fool'', a 2015 Chinese film directed by Chen Jianbin * ''Fools'' (film), a 1970 American film * ''Fools'' (2003 film), an Indian film directed by Dasari Narayana Rao * The Fool (1913 film), a 1913 British silent film * The Fool (1925 film), a lost silent film * ''The Fool'' (1990 film), a British film * ''The Fool'' (2014 film), a Russian film

Gaming and Tarot

* Fool (card game) * The Fool (Tarot card)


* ''Fool'' (novel), a 2009 novel by Christopher Moore * ''Fools'' (play), a 1981 play by Neil Simon * ''The Fool'' (novel), an 1880 Armenian language novel by Raffi * ''The Fool'', a 1921 novel by H. C. Bailey * ''The Fool'' (play), a 1975 play by Edward Bond


* The Fool (design collective), a Dutch design collective and band in the 1960s ** The Fool (guitar), a 1964 Gibson SG designed by The Fool for Eric Clapton * The Fools, a musical group from Massachusetts, U.S.


* Fool (Joe Jackson album), 2019 * ''The Fool'' (The Fool album), 1968 * ''The Fool'' (Ryn Weaver album), 2015 * ''The Fool'' (Warpaint album), 2010 * ''Fools'' (The Reason album), 2010 * ''Fools'' (EP), by Lauren Aquilina, 2012


* "Fool" (Elvis Presley song), 1973 * "Fool (If You Think It's Over)", a song by Chris Rea, 1978 * "Fool" by Blur, from the 1991 album ''Leisure'' * "Fool" by Cat Power, from the 2003 album ''You Are Free'' * "Fool" by Dragon, from the 1984 album ''Body and the Beat'' * Fool (Mansun song), from the 2000 album ''Little Kix'' * "Fool" by The Rasmus, from the 2006 album ''Peep'' * "Fool" by Roxette, from their 2001 album ''Room Service'' * "Fool" by Shakira, from the 2001 album ''Laundry Service'' * "Fool" by Swans from the album ''Greed'' * "Fool (#2)" by Swans from the album ''Holy Money'' * "Fool (I Feel Bad for You)" by Medina, from the U.S. release of 2012 ''Forever'' album * "The Fool" (Sanford Clark song), 1956 * "The Fool" (Lee Ann Womack song), 1997 * "The Fool", a 1971 single by Gilbert Montagné * "The Fool" by Neutral Milk Hotel, from the album ''In the Aeroplane over the Sea'' * "The Fool" by Camper Van Beethoven, from the 1988 album ''Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart'' * "The Fool" by The Fixx, from the 1982 album ''Shuttered Room'' * "The Fool" by Quicksilver Messenger Service, from the 1968 album ''Quicksilver Messenger Service'' * "Fools" (Alphaville song), 1994 * "Fools" by Deep Purple, from their 1971 album ''Fireball'' * "Fools" by Rachel Stevens, from the 2003 album ''Funky Dory'' * "Fools" by Troye Sivan, from the 2015 album ''Wild'' * "Fools" by Uriah Heep, from the 1980 album ''Conquest'' * "Fools" by Van Halen, from the 1980 album ''Women and Children First''


* Fruit fool, a dish made with cooked fruit such as gooseberries or bilberries * ''Ful'' (pronounced "fool") or ful medames, a Middle Eastern dish made from fava beans

Other uses

* Léon-Mba International Airport, Libreville, Gabon, ICAO airport code FOOL * The Motley Fool, a financial advice company (''fool.com'') nicknamed "the Fool"

See also

* Folly (disambiguation) * Foolish (disambiguation) * Foolishness, the unawareness or lack of social norms which causes offence, annoyance, trouble or injury * FoolishPeople, a British theatre collective * Fools Guild, a social club of comedic performers * Foolscap (disambiguation) * List of jesters * Clown * Harlequin * Jester * Magic (illusion) * Stupidity * Tomfoolery * Yokel {{disambiguation