Express or EXPRESS may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''Express: Aisle to Glory'', a 1998 comedy short film featuring Kal Penn * ''The Express: The Ernie Davis Story'', a 2008 film starring Dennis Quaid


* ''Express'' (album), by Love and Rockets, 1986 * "Express" (Christina Aguilera song), 2010 * "Express" (Dina Carroll song), a song by Dina Carroll from the 1993 album ''So Close'' * "Express" (B. T. Express song), 1975


* ''Express'' (Cologne newspaper), a daily tabloid newspaper in Germany * ''Express'' (Washington, D.C. newspaper), a defunct free daily in Washington, D.C., U.S. * ''Express'', a daily financial newspaper in Greece * ''Express'', a city supplement published by ''The New Indian Express'' newspaper * ''Daily Express'' (Urdu newspaper), an Urdu-language Pakistani newspaper * ''Daily Express'', a British newspaper * ''Gazeta Express'', a newspaper in Pristina, Kosovo * L'Express (France), magazine *''Los Angeles Express'' (newspaper), a daily newspaper in Los Angeles * ''Shepherd Express'', an alternative weekly in Wisconsin *''The Express'' (Adelaide), a former evening newspaper in Adelaide, South Australia *''The Express'' (Granville newspaper), a former community newspaper published in Granville, New South Wales *''The Express and Telegraph'', a former evening newspaper in Adelaide, South Australia *Express News (Pakistan), media in Pakistan.

Brands and enterprises

* American Express, an American multinational financial services corporation * Chevrolet Express, a full-size van * Express, Inc., an American specialty fashion retailer * Express Werke, a German bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer * Honda Express, a moped * Renault Express, a van * Talbot Express, a van


* EXPRESS (data modeling language) * Express.js, a web framework written for Node.js * ExpressCard, a new interface standard for notebook external cards, replacing PCMCIA * Outlook Express, a Microsoft email and news client

Mail and transportation

* C&C 110 Express, an American sailboat design * Express bus service, a fast bus service, usually with a limited number of stops * ExpressJet, an American airline * ExPRESS Logistics Carrier, an International Space Station payloads program * Express mail, a postal delivery service ** DHL Express ** Federal Express, also known as "FedEx" ** UPS express critical **USPS Priority Mail Express * Express train, a fast train service, usually with a limited number of stops ** Express trains in India * Pony Express * York Factory Express – also known as "the Express", "the Columbia Express", and "the Communication" – was a 19th-century transport brigade operated by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) * Volvo Express, high roof estate version of the Volvo Duett *Samjhauta Express, a train transportation network between Pakistan and India

Sports teams

* Air21 Express, a Philippine basketball team now called Barako Bull Energy * Chicago Express, an ECHL hockey team from 2011–12 * Los Angeles Express (USFL), a team in the United States Football League * Memphis Express, a team in the Alliance of American Football * Ra'anana Express, an Israeli baseball team * Round Rock Express, a Class AAA baseball team in Round Rock, Texas, U.S. * Express FC, Ugandan association football club

Other uses

* Express (satellite), a series of Russian communications satellites * Express (weaponry), a category of high-velocity rifles and ammunition * Gene expression, the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product

See also

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