Drake may refer to:


* A male duck

People and fictional characters

* Drake (surname), a list of people and fictional characters with the family name * Drake (given name), a list of people and fictional characters with the given name * Drake (musician) (born 1986), Canadian rapper, singer, and actor Aubrey Drake Graham


United States

* Drake, Arizona, an unincorporated community * Drake, Colorado, an unincorporated community * Drake, Illinois, an unincorporated community * Drake, Kentucky, an unincorporated community * Drake, Missouri, an unincorporated community * Drake, North Dakota, a town * Drake, North Carolina, a place in Nash County near Dr. Franklin Hart Farm * Drake, South Carolina, an unincorporated community * Drake Park, Bend, Oregon * Drake Peak, Oregon


* Drake Passage, between Cape Horn and Antarctica * Drake Head, Oates Land, a headland * Drake Icefall, Ellsworth Land


* Drake County, New South Wales, Australia * Drake, New South Wales, a parish and rural community * Drake, Saskatchewan, Canada, a village * Drake (ward), a ward in the city of Plymouth, United Kingdom


* , several British Royal Navy ships * ''Drake''-class cruiser, a Royal Navy class of armoured cruisers in service up to 1920 * , a bulk carrier launched in 2006 * ''Drake'' (ship), various ships

Schools and educational facilities

* Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, United States ** Drake Bulldogs, the school's athletic program ** Drake Stadium (1904), an outdoor multiuse sports field at Drake University from 1904 to 1925 ** Drake Stadium (Drake University), a sports facility on the campus ** Drake Fieldhouse, an athletic facility * Drake Stadium (UCLA), University of California, Los Angeles * Drake Field (stadium), Auburn University * Drake Performance and Event Center, Ohio State University * J. F. Drake Middle School, Auburn, Alabama * O. B. Drake Middle School, Arvada, Colorado * Drake Planetarium and Science Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Other uses

* Battle of Goodenough Island or Operation Drake, a World War II battle * Drake Supermarkets, an Australian chain * Drake Hotel (disambiguation) * Drake baronets, three titles in the Baronetage of England and one in the Baronetage of Great Britain * Drake Street, Hong Kong * Drake (mythology), a term related to and often synonymous with dragon * Drake Field, a public-use airport south of Fayetteville, Arkansas * Drake, two variants of the Goodyear Duck 1940s American light amphibious aircraft * Drake Memorial Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, notable as a locale for crimes by serial killer Donald Harvey * The Drake, the fictional hotel that is the subject of the American TV series ''666 Park Avenue''

See also

* R. L. Drake Company, electronics manufacturer * Drake equation * Drake Fountain, Chicago, Illinois * Drake House (disambiguation) * Drake Well, an oil well in Pennsylvania which sparked the first oil boom in the United States * Drake Group, a network of American academics who believe that college athletics has become too powerful * Drake's (disambiguation), a list of Drake's and Drakes {{disambiguation|geo