Donald is a masculine given name derived from the Gaelic name ''Dòmhnall''.. This comes from the Proto-Celtic *''Dumno-ualos'' ("world-ruler" or "world-wielder"). Domhnall, an Irish King of Aileach and descendant of Niall Noígíallach, was the origin of the modern surname Donnelly. The final -''d'' in ''Donald'' is partly derived from a misinterpretation of the Gaelic pronunciation by English speakers, and partly associated with the spelling of similar-sounding Germanic names, such as ''Ronald''. A short form of ''Donald'' is ''Don''. Pet forms of ''Donald'' include ''Donnie'' and ''Donny''. The feminine given name ''Donella'' is derived from ''Donald''. ''Donald'' has cognates in other Celtic languages: Modern Irish ''Dónal'' (anglicised as ''Donal'' and ''Donall'');. Scottish Gaelic ''Dòmhnall'', ''Domhnull'' and ''Dòmhnull''; Welsh ''Dyfnwal'' and Cumbric ''Dumnagual''. Although the feminine given name ''Donna'' is sometimes used as a feminine form of ''Donald'', the names are not etymologically related.


Kings and noblemen

Domnall or Domhnall is the name of many ancient and medieval Gaelic kings and noblemen: * Dyfnwal Hen (Dumnagual I), Ruler of Alt Clut (Strathclyde) (450–475) * Domnall Brecc, king of Dál Riata (d. 642) * Domnall mac Áedo, High King of the Northern Uí Néill and Ireland (d. 642) * Domnall Midi, High King of Clann Cholmáin and Ireland (d. 763) * Domnall mac Ailpín (812–863) * Donald II of Scotland (889–900) * Domnall mac Eimín, Mormaer of Mar (d. 1014) * Donald III of Scotland (1033–1099) * Domnall Gerrlámhach, King of Dublin (d. 1135) * Domnall Ua Lochlainn, High King of Ireland (1083 and 1121) * Domhnall I, Earl of Mar (1276–1301) * Domhnall II, Earl of Mar (1305–1332) * Domhnall, Earl of Lennox (1333–1365) * Dyfnwal, King of Strathclyde (d. 908×915), also known by the names ''Donald'', ''Domhnall'', and ''Domnall'' * Dyfnwal ab Owain (d. 975), also known by the names ''Donald'' and ''Domnall'' * Owain ap Dyfnwal (fl. 934)

Given name


* Domhnall mac Conchobair Ó Briain (died 1579), Gaelic Irish military leader * Domhnall Gleeson (born 1983), Irish actor *Domhnall mac Dáire Mac Bruaideadha (fl. c. 1600), Irish poet *Domhnall MacAuley (born 1957), Scottish physician and professor * Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna (1887–1967), Scottish Gaelic poet


* Donnell Ballagh O'Cahan (died 1627), Irish landowner and rebel * Donnell Rawlings (born 1968), comedian


* Don Adams (1923–2005), American actor, comedian and director * Don Airey (born 1948), English keyboardist * Don Ameche (1908–1993), Hollywood actor * Don Barksdale (1923–1993), American basketball player * Don Bertoia, Canadian middle-distance runner * Don Bluth (born 1937), animator, film director, producer, writer, production designer, video game designer and independent studio owner * Don Bowman (singer) (1937–2013), American comedian, country music singer, and songwriter * Don Cheadle (born 1964), American actor and producer * Don Cherry (born 1934), Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and television commentator * Don Cherry (American football) (born 1994), American football player * Don Cherry (singer) (1924–2018), American singer and golfer * Don Cherry (trumpeter) (1936–1995), American jazz trumpeter * Don Ciccone (1946–2016), American singer-songwriter, member of the band The Critters * Don Cornelius (1936–2012), American television show host and producer * Don Cornell (1919–2004), stage name of Luigi Varlaro, American singer * Dominick Don Costa (1925–1983), American conductor and record producer * Don Covay (1936–2015), American singer and songwriter * Don Criqui (born 1950), American sportscaster * Don Diablo (born 1980), Dutch DJ, record producer, musician and songwriter of electronic music * Don Dunstan (1926–1999), South Australian politician * Don Estelle (1933–2003), British actor and singer * Don Everly (born 1937), American country-influenced rock and roll singer and guitarist * Don Felder (born 1947), American singer-songwriter and guitarist, former member of the Eagles * Don Frye (born 1965), American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler * Don Garber (born 1957), American sports executive * Don Gardner (1931–2018), American singer-songwriter * Don Gibson (1928–2003), American songwriter and country musician * Don Goldstein, American basketball player * Don Gullett (born 1951), American baseball pitcher * Don Gullick (1924–2000), Welsh rugby union and rugby league footballer and coach * Don Henley (born 1947), founding member of the Eagles rock group * Don Hewitt (1922–2009), American television news producer * Don Ho (1930–2007), American pop musician, singer and entertainer * Don Hutson (1913–1997), American football player * Don Imus (1940–2019), American radio and television host * Don Johnson (sports executive) (1930–2012), Canadian sports executive and president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association * Don King (boxing promoter) (born 1931), American boxing promoter * Don King (coach) (born 1926), American football player and coach * Don King (defensive back) (born 1964), American football player * Don King (defensive lineman) (1929–2014), American football player * Don King (musician) (born 1954), American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and trumpeter * Don King (photographer) (born 1960), American photographer, cinematographer, and film director * Don Roy King (born 1947), American television director * Don Kirshner (1934–2011), American music publisher, rock music producer, talent manager, and songwriter * Don Knotts (1924–2006), American actor and comedian * Don Larsen (1929–2020), American baseball player * Don Lemon (born 1966), American television personality and current host of CNN Tonight * Don L. Lind (born 1930), American scientist and a former naval officer and aviator, and NASA astronaut * Don MacLean (basketball) (born 1970), American basketball player and color commentator * Don Marion Davis (1917–2020), American child actor * Don Mattingly, American pro baseball player for the New York Yankees and manager of the LA Dodgers; aka "Donnie Baseball" and "The Hitman" * Don McLean (born 1945), American singer-songwriter and musician * Don Nelson (born 1940), American basketball player and coach * Don Nelson (screenwriter) (1927–2013), American screenwriter, film producer, and jazz musician * Don Nickles (born 1948), American politician * Don Patinkin (1922–1995), Israeli-American economist, and President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem * Don Payne, American writer and producer * Don Quarrie (born 1951), Jamaican sprinter * Don Reid (born 1945), lead singer of American country group The Statler Brothers * Don Rickles (1926–2017), American stand-up comedian * Don Robesky (1906–2002), American football player * Don Rondo (1930–2011), American singer * Don Shula (1930–2020), American football coach * Don Slater (born 1954), British sociologist * Don Trahan (born 1949), American golfer, father of D. J. Trahan * Don Van Vliet (1941–2010), American singer, songwriter and musician, also known as Captain Beefheart * Don Warrington (born 1951), Trinidadian-born British actor * Don Waterman (born 1950), American racing driver * Don Webb (American football) (born 1939), American football player * Don Webb (playwright), English playwright and dramatist * Don Webb (writer) (born 1960), American science fiction, mystery, and horror writer * Don Wilson (American football) (born 1961), American football player * Don Wilson (announcer) (1900–1982), American radio and television announcer and actor * Don Wilson (Australian footballer) (1914–2015), Australian footballer * Don Wilson (baseball) (1945–1975), American baseball pitcher * Don Wilson (cricketer) (1927–2012), English cricketer * Don Wilson (pastor) (born 1949), American Christian pastor and creationist * Don E. Wilson (born 1944), American zoologist * Don M. Wilson III (born 1948), American banker and corporate director * Don W. Wilson (born 1942), American historian and archivist


* Donal Logue (born 1969), Canadian actor * Donal MacIntyre (born 1966), Irish investigative reporter * Donal Murray (bishop) (born 1940), the Roman Catholic Bishop of Limerick (1996–2009) * Donal O'Brien (disambiguation), several individuals * Donal O'Donoghue (1894–1971), Irish Fianna Fáil politician * Donal O'Shea, Canadian mathematician * Donal O'Sullivan (disambiguation), several individuals * Donal Roe MacCarthy Mór (died 1302), 13th-century noble of Ireland, Prince of the Kingdom of Desmond * Donal MacCarthy Reagh (1450/1460–1531), 9th Prince of Carbery (1505–1531) * Donal Skehan (born 1986), Irish singer, television personality/presenter, food writer/cook and photographer


* Dónal Lunny (born 1947), Irish folk musician *Donal Óg Cusack (born 1977), Irish hurler


* Donald Bailey (1934–2013), American jazz drummer * Donald Bradman (1908–2001), Australian cricketer * Donald Brashear, American ice hockey player * Donald Burgess, British track cyclist * Donald Byrd (1932–2013), American jazz and rhythm and blues trumpeter * Donald Cameron (born 1954), Australian water polo player and coach * Donald Campbell (1921–1967), British world land and water speed record breaker * Donald M. Campbell Jr. (born 1955), retired United States Army lieutenant general who served as the commanding general of United States Army Europe * Donald Capelle, Marshallese politician * Donald Chumley (born 1962), American football player * Donald Crisp (1882–1974), filmmaker * Donald D. Deshler, American educator * Donald Dewar (1937–2000), Labour Party MP and first First Minister of Scotland (1999–2000) * Donald Disney, Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers * Donald Driver, NFL player for the Green Bay Packers * Donald "Duck" Dunn (1941–2012), American bass guitarist * Donald Faison (born 1974), American actor and comedian * Donald Foss (born 1945), American billionaire, founder of Credit Acceptance * Donald Friese (born 1940), American billionaire businessman * Donald Henry Gaskins (1933–1991), American cannibalistic serial killer, rapist, and thief * Donald Geisler (born 1978), Filipino taekwondo athlete * Donald Glover (born 1983), American actor, musician, writer, comedian, and producer * Donald Gordon (cricketer) (born 1990), English cricketer * Donald Hawkins (born 1992), American football player * Donald Harvey (1952–2017), prolific American serial killer * Donald Hewagama (1926–2009), Sri Lankan Sinhala Judge Advocate General, Sri Lanka Army * Donald Hewlett (1922–2011), British actor * Donald Izacus Panjaitan (1925–1965), Indonesian general * Donald Izzett (born 1975), American man who has been missing since 1995 * Donald Edward Jones (born 1949), American politician * Donald Keene (1922–2019), American-Japanese literary scholar * Donald Knuth (born 1938), American computer scientist * Donald Maclean (spy) (1913–1983), British diplomat and Soviet spy * Donald MacCormick (1939–2009), Scottish journalist * Donald R. MacLeod, Canadian politician * Donald R. McMonagle (born 1952), former astronaut and a veteran of three shuttle flights * Donald Moatshe (born 1985), South African musician * Donald "Don" Muraco (born 1939), American retired wrestler * Donald Nicol (1843–1903), Scottish politician * Donald Nicolaisen, American politician * Donald Nixon (1914–1987), younger brother of 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon * Donald Obeyesekere (1888-1964), Sri Lankan Sinhala legislator * Donald of Ogilvy (Saint Donald) * Donald Parham (born 1997), American football player * Donald Perera, 11th Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force * Donald H. Peterson (1933–2018), United States Air Force officer and NASA astronaut * Donald Pettit (born 1955), American chemical engineer and a NASA astronaut * Donald Pleasence (1919–1995), English actor * Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana * Donald Jasen Ranaweera, Sri Lankan Sinhala planter, press baron, and politician * Donald Ray "Don" Vaughan (born 1952), North Carolina, US, politician * Donald Richie (1924–2013), American-born author who wrote about the Japanese people, the culture of Japan, and especially Japanese cinema * Donald A. Ritchie (born December 23, 1945), Historian Emeritus of the United States Senate * Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (born 1947), rock musician, guitarist for Blue Öyster Cult * Donald Rumsfeld (born 1932), United States Secretary of Defense * Donald Sanford (born 1987), American-Israeli Olympic sprinter * Donald Sild (born 1968), Estonian javelin thrower * Donald "Deke" Slayton (1924–1993), American astronaut * Donald Spero, world champion rower * Donald Sterling, sports team owner * Donald Sutherland (born 1935), Canadian actor * Donald A. Thomas (born 1955), American engineer and a former NASA astronaut * Donald J. Trahan, Jr. (born 1980), American golfer * Donald Triplett (born 1933), first person to be diagnosed with autism * Donald Trump (born 1946), 45th President of the United States, businessman * Donald Tsang (born 1944), Chief Executive of Hong Kong * Donald Tusk (born 1957), former President of the European Council, former Polish Prime Minister (2007–14) * Donald Wailan-Walalangi (born 1960), Indonesian tennis player * Donald Watson (1910–2005), English animal rights advocate and founder of the Vegan Society * Donald Woodward Lee (1910–1977), American philologist * Donald Whiston (1927–2020), American ice hockey player * Donald Whitton, Canadian cellist and teacher * Donald E. Williams (1942–2016), American naval officer and aviator, test pilot, mechanical engineer and NASA astronaut * Donald Williamson (disambiguation), multiple people * Donald Wilson (disambiguation), multiple people * Donald Young (tennis) (born 1989), American tennis player


* Donaldo Arza (born 1946), Panamanian track and field athlete * Donaldo González (born 1971), Panamanian footballer * Donaldo Hontiveros (born 1977), Filipino basketball player * Donaldo Macedo (born 1950), American academic * Donaldo Méndez (born 1978), Venezuelan baseball player * Donaldo Morales (born 1982), Honduran footballer * Donaldo Ortiz Colín (born 1961), Mexican politician * Donaldo Ernesto Reyes (born 1939), Honduran lawyer and politician


*Donnie McKinnon (born 1940), Scottish footballer * Donnie Wahlberg (born 1969), American singer, actor and film producer


* Donny Hathaway (1945–1979), American soul musician * Donny Osmond (born 1957), American singer and actor


* Donald Blake (Marvel Comics), the secret identity of The Mighty Thor, from Marvel Comics * Donald Duck, Disney animated cartoon and comic-book character * Donnie Darko, protagonist of a film of the same name * Donald "Don" Draper, protagonist of the AMC television series ''Mad Men'' * Donald "Ducky" Mallard, character in the TV show ''NCIS'' * Donald Fisher, fictional character portrayed by Norman Coburn in Home and Away *Donald Morden, fictional character from the video game series Metal Slug * Sir Donald McDuck, Disney character who is an ancestor of Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck

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