The following is a list of on-demand music streaming services. The services offer streaming of full-length content via the Internet as a part of their service,[1] without the listener necessarily purchasing a file for download.[2] This type of service is comparable to internet radio. Many of these sites have advertising and offer non-free options in the style of an online music store. For a list of online music stores that provide a means of purchasing and downloading music as files of some sort, see: Comparison of online music stores. Many of both types of sites offer services similar to an online music database.

Current services

Service Free access available Selective streaming Lossless (hi-fi) Track downloads # of tracks (millions) # of users (millions) # of paying users (millions) Global availability Web Android iOS Windows Phone Desktop Other platforms First launched Login?
8tracks Partial Yes No No 6.5[3] US, Canada Yes Yes Yes No No no
Amazon Prime Music & Amazon Music Unlimited No Yes No Yes[4] 40 (Unlimited), 2 (Prime Music)[5] 16[6] US, UK, Germany, Austria (Unlimited), plus France, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Italy,India, Canada (Prime Music) Yes Yes Yes No Windows, Mac Fire TV, Sonos, Blackberry yes
Anghami Partial Yes[7] No Yes 20[8] 33[9] Partial[r 1] Yes Yes Yes Yes No Blackberry November 2012 limited

Can browse, but playing requires login

Apple Music Partial Yes No Yes 45[10] 40[11] 40[11] Partial[r 2] No Yes Yes No Windows and Mac with iTunes Sonos, AirPlay, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple HomePod yes
Batanga Radio (discontinued) Yes No No No 0.3 US, Latin America Yes Yes Yes No Windows, Mac Sonos no
Bandcamp Yes N/A Yes Yes TBD TBD Yes Yes Yes [to be determined] Windows no
Deezer Partial Yes Partial Yes[12] 53[13] 6[14] Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes Sonos, Chromecast, webOS Symbian, Blackberry yes
Electric Jukebox No Yes No No 29[15] UK No No No No No Electric Jukebox November 2016 yes
Earbits Yes No No No 0.1[16] Global Yes Yes Yes No No no
Google Play Music Partial Yes No Yes[17] 40[18] Partial[r 3] Partial[r 4] Yes Yes No Yes Sonos, Chromecast, Android TV, Android Auto, CarPlay, Google Home, Google Chrome App, Android Wear yes
hoopla Yes Yes No Yes 5 2.5 US and Canada Yes Yes Yes No Yes Chrome OS, AirPlay, Chromecast, yes
iHeartRadio Yes No No No 15[19] 48[19] US, Australia, New Zealand Yes Yes Yes Yes Mac no
Jango Yes No No No Global Yes Yes Yes No No no
Joox Partial Yes Partial Yes Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand[20] Yes Yes Yes No No
Line Music No Yes No Yes 1.5[21] Japan, Thailand Yes Yes Yes No No limited

Previews only

Musicovery Partial No No Global Yes No Yes No No yes
Napster No Yes[22] No Yes 32[23] 2.5[24] US, Canada, and most of Europe[25] Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows Sonos yes
NetEase cloud music[n 1] Yes Yes No Yes 36[26] 55[26] Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows, Mac Blackberry
Pandora Yes Yes No Yes[27] 30-40[28] 73.7[29] US Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows, Mac[n 2] Blackberry, Chromecast, Android TV, PlayStation, Roku, Sonos, Amazon Echo, Google Home, TiVo, Xbox One[30] no
Patari.pk Yes Yes Yes Global Yes Yes Yes No No no
Qobuz No Yes Yes Sublime plan 40[31] France, UK, Netherlands, Germany Yes Yes Yes No Yes Sonos yes
Radical.fm Yes No No No 25[32] US No Yes Yes No No yes
Saavn Partial Yes No Yes 30 [33] 20[33] Global Global Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slacker Partial Yes No Yes 13[34] 26[34] US, Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Sonos, Tesla no
SoundCloud Yes Yes Partial Limited 125[35] 175[36] Global Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Sonos no
Spotify Partial Yes No Yes 30[37] 140[38] 70[39] Partial[r 5] Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows, Mac, Linux Palm, Sonos, Symbian, Android TV, Android Auto, CarPlay, Boxee,[40] Telia Digital-TV, Virgin TiVo, Linux,[41] PlayStation,[42] Xbox One, Blackberry, Chromecast, Amazon Echo, Google Home October 2008 yes
Tidal No Yes Yes Yes 46[43] 4.2[44] Partial Yes Yes Yes No Windows, Mac limited

Preview only

TuneIn Yes Partial No Partial (Requires premium account) Global Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (Windows Store) January 2002 no
YouTube Red No Yes No Yes[45] US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea[46] Yes Yes Yes No No no
Service Free access available Selective streaming Lossless (hi-fi) Track downloads # of tracks (millions) # of users (millions) # of paying users (millions) Regional availability Web Android iOS Windows Phone Desktop Other platforms First launched Requires Login?

Discontinued services

Service Reason Discontinued
Xbox Music Succeeded by Groove Music[47] 6 July 2015
iTunes Radio Integrated into Apple Music[42] 30 June 2015
Beats Music Succeeded by Apple Music[48] 30 June 2015
Blinkbox Music Under administration[49] 11 June 2015
Groove Music Shut down[50] 31 December 2017
Grooveshark Shut down[51] 30 April 2015
Guvera Shut down[52] 12 May 2017
Rara Shut down 29 March 2015
Last.fm Discontinued radio streaming service[53] 28 April 2014
MixRadio Shut down[54] 21 March 2016
Music Unlimited Replaced by PlayStation Music powered Spotify.[55] 29 March 2015
WiMP Integrated into Tidal[56] 23 March 2015
Simfy Shut down. Temporarily, the website referred users to Deezer.[57] 1 March 2015
MOG Succeeded by Beats Music and subsequently Apple Music[48][58] 21 January 2015
Songza Merged into Google Play Music[59] 21 October 2014
Ubuntu One Music Discontinued[60] 2 April 2014
Dhingana Acquired by Rdio[61][62] 14 March 2014
Zune Marketplace Succeeded by Xbox Music and subsequently by Groove[63] 15 October 2012
Mflow Succeeded by Bloom.fm January 2012
Thumbplay Acquired by iHeartRadio[64] 1 March 2011
Rdio Shut down / Assets purchased by Pandora 22 December 2015[65]
Rhapsody Succeeded by Napster[66] 14 June 2016
Beatport Shut down 10 May 2016
Yahoo! Music Unlimited Shut down (users offered option to transfer account to Rhapsody) 30 September 2008

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Regional availability

  1. ^ Full access in Middle East and North Africa, Arabic Music only elsewhere
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