Change or Changing may refer to:


* Impermanence, a difference in a state of affairs at different points in time * Menopause, also referred to as "the change", the permanent cessation of the menstrual period * Metamorphosis, or change, a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching * Personal development, or personal change, activities that improve awareness and identity * Social change, an alteration in the social order of a society * Technological change, invention, innovation, and diffusion of technology


* Change, Nepal * Change, Saône-et-Loire, France * Change Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador * Le Change, Dordogne, France

Art, entertainment, and media


* ''I Ching'', a Chinese classic text also known as the ''Classic of Changes'', and ''Book of Changes'' * ''The Change'' (Animorphs), a book in the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate



* Change (band), an Italian-American post-disco group active in the 1980s * The Change (band), a former band associated with English duo Myles and Connor * The Changes (band), an American rock band * Jimmy and the Soulblazers a.k.a. Change, an American R&B group active in the 1970s


*''Change'' (The Alarm album), 1989 * ''Change'' (Vanessa Amorosi album), 2002 * ''Change'' (Jason Chan album), 2008 * ''Change'' (Chick Corea album), 1999 * ''Change'' (The Dismemberment Plan album), 2001 * ''Change'' (Every Little Thing album), 2010 * ''Change'' (Andrew Hill album), 2007 * ''Change'' (Derrick Hoh album), 2010 * ''Change'' (Richie Kotzen album), 2003 * ''Change'' (Pink Cream 69 album), 1995 * ''Change'' (Sons of the Desert album), 2000 * ''Change'' (Sugababes album), 2007 * ''Change'' (Cindy Wilson album), 2017 *''Change'' by Barry White, 1982 * ''Change'' (Ray Wilson album), 2003 * ''Change'', by Bakithi Kumalo * ''Change!'', by the Black Swans * ''Changed'' (album), an album by Rascal Flatts * ''Changes'', number of albums titled "Changes" * ''The Change'' (album), an album by Marie Fredriksson


* "Change" (Charlie Puth song) * "Change" (Christina Aguilera song) * "Change" (Daniel Merriweather song) * "Change" (Every Little Thing song) * "Change" (Hotel FM song) * "Change" (Hyuna song) * "Change" (John Waite song) * "Change" (Killing Joke song) * "Change" (Kimberley Locke song) * "Change" (Lisa Stansfield song) * "Change" (Miho Fukuhara song) * "Change" (Miwa song) * "Change" (Sugababes song) * "Change" (Taylor Swift song) * "Change" (Tears for Fears song) * "Change", by Axium from ''Matter of Time'' * "Change", by Banks from ''Goddess'' * "Changed", by Bazzi from ''Cosmic'' * "Change", by Black Stone Cherry from ''Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea'' * "Change", by Blind Melon from ''Blind Melon'' * "Change", by Bobby Darin from ''Bobby Darin Born Walden Robert Cassotto'' * "Change", by Carrie Underwood from ''Play On'' * "Change", by Churchill * "Change", by Conor & Jay from the ''Grand Theft Auto III'' soundtrack * "Change", by Crazy Town from ''Darkhorse'' * "Change", by Fishbone from ''Truth and Soul'' * "Change", by Lana Del Rey from ''Lust for Life'' * "Change", by Jeff Liu and Rebecca Sugar, in ''Steven Universe: The Movie'' * "Change", by The Lightning Seeds from ''Jollification'' * "Change", by Oingo Boingo from ''Boingo'' * "Change", by RM feat. Wale * "Change", by Salvador Sobral from ''Excuse Me'' * "Change", by Sean Kingston from ''Sean Kingston'' * "Change", by Sparks from ''Music That You Can Dance To'' * "Change", by Staind from ''Break the Cycle'' * "Change", by Tess Gaerthé * "Change", by T-Pain from ''Three Ringz'' * "Change", by Tracy Chapman from ''Where You Live'' * "Change", by White Lies from ''Big TV'' * "Change (In the House of Flies)", by Deftones * "Change (Part 1)", by Australian band Karnivool from the album ''Themata'' * "Change (Part 2)", by Australian band Karnivool from the album ''Sound Awake'' * "Changed" (song), by Rascal Flatts * "Changing" (Conrad Sewell song) * "Changing" (Sigma song) * "Changing", by The Airborne Toxic Event from ''All at Once'' * "Changing", by Jimmy Ellis, 1973 * "Changing", by Magic featuring Tony Burrows, 1976 * "Changing", by Marilyn Michaels, 1987 * "Changing", by The Searchers, 1980 * "Changing", by Silver Sun, 1996 * "Changing", by Sunnyboys, 1989 * "Changing", by Touch, 1974 * "The Change" (song), by Garth Brooks


* ''Change'' (Armenian TV series), a 2016 Armenian sitcom * ''Change'' (Japanese TV series), a 2008 Japanese television drama * "Changing" (''Supergirl''), a season 2 episode of the TV series *''The Change'', an alternative name for ''The Emberverse'' series as well as a fictional event in that series

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* ''Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning'', a journal published for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching by Heldref Publications * ''The Change'' (radio show), a British radio programme

Mathematics and statistics

* Change (mathematics), the mathematical study of change * Fold change, statistics * Percentage change, in mathematics

Organizations and politics

* Change 2011, a Finnish political party * Change We Need, a slogan for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign * Change.gov, the transition web site for the incoming Obama administration in 2008–2009 * Change.org, a petition website operated by Change.org, Inc. * Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE), a civic organization based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina * Movement for Change, an Iraqi Kurdish political party

Other uses

*Coins, also referred to as change or pocket change

See also

* Becoming (philosophy) * Chang'e (disambiguation) * Changer (disambiguation) * Changes (disambiguation) * Chump Change (disambiguation) * Small change (disambiguation) * Variation (disambiguation) * Transition (disambiguation), broadly synonymous in many spheres {{disambiguation|geo