Black Power is a prominent gang in New Zealand. Members are predominantly Māori and Polynesian.


It was formed as the "Black Bulls" by Reitu Harris and Māori youth in Wellington about 1970, in response to the rival Mongrel Mob gang and white power associated gangs. The gang then spread to other major centres and rural towns in New Zealand. Founder Reitu Harris was very politically aware, and during the early 1980s the gang gained some credibility; with social activist Denis O'Reilly joining, former judge Bill Maung acting as their political advisor and Prime Minister Robert Muldoon meeting with them and helping them to find accommodation and form work trusts. The gang is now heavily involved in organised crime, such as drug manufacturing and dealing. While the gang has distanced itself from violent acts of some of its members, for example, a child abuse case, police have in return accused the gang members of using violence as a 'learned behaviour from involvement in the gang'. There were 697 members in prison in April 2013.


Black Power colours are predominantly blue and black. The patches usually feature a clenched fist which is a symbol of the American Black Power movement. The patch will also be tattooed on the member's body.

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